Voice Acting for Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

Star-Fall Voice acting & Players Cast Page 

Starfall Podcast is a huge cast. 3 different countries and 5 Timezones. We have split the cast into two different categories, Player Cast & Voice Cast (NPCs) we have done this to keep the players in the dark when it comes to the plot and what will happen next. If you are interested How to be a Volunteer Voice Actor for Star-Fall RPG

Gamemaster, Director and Writer   

Kevin C Mason       

Kevin Has been running RPGs for over 30 years. He likes to think of himself as a storyteller vs a judicator of rules. He finds that there is no greater joy than to find that his players are having a good time. Though sometimes that takes the form of throwing the characters to the wolves and hoping they can figure a way out. Kevin also is the creator of Role Vs Roll Cards and the host of Role Vs Roll Youtube channel. 


Player Cast 

We are adding this soon  



Voice Acting Cast (NPC) 

Unlike the players where everything is unscripted. The NPC cast has carefully created scripts they have to follow. Often on the other side of the planet (Earth in case you were wondering... War-med they might be too busy to do voice acting) and with emails as the only means to communicate with the director. It's a fine line between going off script and breathing life into the characters with a will of their own. These fine people are the cast of Star-fall Actual Play Podcast .  

If you are looking to hire a Voice actor please consider looking at these fine folks first. 



Christian OBoyle Voice Over Artist Character Talent Headshot

Hi, my name is Christian and I am a Voice Over Talent based out of Seattle, WA. I got into voice acting because of my theatre background and my passion to bring vocal life to my client's projects. Art has always fascinated me. Even when growing up I was involved in many forms, such as writing, photography, illustration, drumming, acting, and much more. These many forms of art have fueled my creativity, personality, and shaped me to be who I am today. 

Christian does the voice of Jerimiah Lightfoot in season one. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @voiceofoboyle



Andrew Michael Harlander

Andrew Michael Harlander HS

Andrew as kind enough to do the Voices of the poor thugs who tried to mug the Jerimiah Lightfoot in Episode 11. I was amazed at how fast he was able to return the Voice files to me. I highly recommend you hire him for a project. 


Xan Mack


Powered by the salt of her enemies, Xan Mack is a Twitch streamer, gamer, cat-patter, eater of delicious foodstuffs, and occasional creative. She lives in Sydney with her husband and cats, Aera and Yumi. Find her being the best on her channel https://www.twitch.tv/badxan, and creeping on the Twitter @ https://twitter.com/XanMack

Special Note: Xan will be joining the Player cast in Season Two. 

Roles: War-Zodian Park Rangers commercial, Turoo Weasel 


Gary Howery: Aka "SQUISHER" 

Worked at a none profit as a 
Archery coach
Gymnastics coach 
Played wheelchair basketball and other various sports and Armwrestling and I love to play RPGs computer or tabletop pencil and paper and your imagination love to work out and stay healthy gotta lift those weights!
Note From Kevin. Squish is perhaps the most loving man I have ever met. When you first meet him the first thing you notice is the size of his biceps or his smile. Then as you get to know him you realize that under all those muscles he works out in the gym, the biggest muscle is his heart! I am lucky to call him my friend. 
Voices: Captian Price 

Jordan King-Lacroix

Jordan King-Lacroix is an actor and writer based in Sydney, Australia. He has had poetry and prose published by numerous outlets including the Red Room Company'sThe Disappearing Project, Alban Lake Publishing'sThe Mad Visions of al-Hazred, and Colors in Darkness'Forever Vacancy. His first play,The Catastrophists, was put up for the 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival. He has appeared in several short films, as well as extra and bit work forMad Max: Fury RoadandFat Pizza vs Housos. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram on @jaklacroix, on Facebook (http://facebook.com/jordan.king.lacroix), as well as his blogInside Voice(http://jaklacroix.wordpress.com).

Voices: Pirate 1,2 ,3,  Pirate Tech, Scared Skretless captured crew member. Norkek and Hedda



Michael J. Rigg,


Mike is the author of a Steampunk universe called The Heart of Bronze, which began as the novel Clockwork Looking Glass, and is now part of the growing Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast. Mike hails from the American Midwest, where his day job consists of building newspaper frameworks coast-to-coast. His love of storytelling, acting, and adventure lead to his Steampunk empire as well as his role on Starfall. He lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and herd of Italian Greyhounds.

 Voice of Commander Wells


Tazz Richards.


a writer, musician and sings with the mostly a capella group Brass Farthing. He lives in San Francisco.https://www.facebook.com/oldtdevil

Roles: Rocket Bob 


Jason Dean


As the owner of Thinker Entertainment, Sydney's third-largest trivia business, Jason always has a microphone in front of his face. "Hey, you should do radio" people often say. Little did they know, he had much loftier ambitions. Still waiting for Bethesda to get in touch, maybe this is a stepping stone...


Roles :Rex Longstride Alpha news