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Role playing games are supposed to be exciting.  So why am I always playing it safe when it comes to action? I think because of its a game and in the back of my mind I'm trying to "Win".  I was inspired to create this card when one of my characters were forced to be a bit heroic. It was one of those action sequences where I should not have survived but the GM was so happy with the action that he totally handwaved all the physics involved. 

The key to playing the card is to be very descriptive with all your actions. The more you can add the better (though don't go overboard) 


Bad description: " I roll acrobatics to jump from the bike to the car" 

Good description: "I go full throttle next to the car then I raise myself up on the seat like I'm surfing. From there I kick the front tire break catapulting me on the top of the car " 


The GM is encouraged to not kill the characters who are enacting this card. That does not mean they should not spend a week or two in the hospital .. just make it so they survive the stunt ... barely. 


Role Playing best practices. 

Try to add as many senses into the description as possible. and stand up and act out what you are doing. Draw pictures if you have to. Anything to help the other players envision what you are attempting to do. 


Also don't expect to be successful after all this s a crazy stunt in an RPG the dice may hate you. (Reminder to the GM to not be a dick because someone is playing this card)