Common questions about the Character Turbo Weasel 

Of all the characters Turbo is perhaps the most popular. I have been answering more than a few questions about him and figured it was time for an FAQ about this fun NPC. If you have your own questions feel free to email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Turbo Weasel from Star-fall actual play podcast Turbo Weasel vs the Box  - Star-fall Actual Play podcast

You say in the podcast that he is very powerful ... how powerful?

Powerful enough that I have not shown any of the players his stats. I will say that he has a special skill for taking out the most powerful threats in Star-Fall. Maybe an extremely focused and useful Niche character may be more appropriate. (Like a cleric vs undead) I have been very careful to not have him solve every problem that comes before the players. I do this by having very clear motivations written down. 


Is it True you were Drunk when you introduced the character to the party as a pet?

YES!! Brodie had used a Role Vs Roll Card and gave me those eyes that said: "I REALLY WANT A PET FOR MY CHARACTER". Between the too much vodka, The fact she used a Role Vs Roll card to add to the plot of the story AND her overflowing enthusiasm for cute critters. It was a perfect storm of bad judgment (or good )  

I remember saying "Turbo Weasel " because it was the first thing that came to my head. Then thought OH SKRUP!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?  



Can I play a Turbo Weasel in the Star-Fall RPG when it comes out? 

I have been thinking about this and currently, I'm going to say no. Because it would be like giving a Kender flight and invisibility and letting them loose in a magic shop.  However, a talented Gamemaster who knows how to deal with powerful characters and giving them meaningful plotlines may be able to pull it off. 



If Turbo is half robot and all robots are insane in Star-Fall? why is he not nuts?

Technically he's a Bio-bot where most of the body & Brain was genetically altered. So, for the most part, he is a Weasel with a Genius IQ (For Weasels that is ) and not a robot.. he cannot be reprogramed. He is mostly governed by his biological instincts. Eat, Sleep, Reproduce, Destroy sewing machines & Arkady Cuddles. There is a part of his brain that is enhanced by an artificial intelligence however its minor role when it comes to making decisions. 

What are Turbo Weasel's powers?

  • Flight using Drone rotors or Zero G thrusters
  • The ability to pick locks (Destroy machines) 
  • Stealthy as skrup!
  • He can survive in the vacuum of space 
  • He has some amazing tools hidden in his cyborg parts 
  • Fearsom hunter of other Bio-bots (Alpha predator) 

There are a lot more than I have not discussed yet and they will most likely stay hidden until they are needed. Afterall his job is to be adorable not a badass. 

What do Turbo weasels eat?

For the most part, they will eat anything that would seem tasty to a normal weasel. However, they also do need to ad mechanical parts to repair their cyborg body. This is done with nanites that break apart the mechanical parts and reform them to suit his needs. He has a particular fondness for Cyber Scarabs. 

How old is Turbo?

I'm not telling ... but it is possible that he remembers the Fall of the empire 

How can there be a Weasel proof Box?

GM Plot device 

Turbo seems to be the size of a Ferret why do you call him a Weasel?

At the point, I made him a Cyborg I could take any "Creative license" I want . :P 

Why would someone think it was a good idea to make a Cyborg Weasel in the first place?

Obviously, you have never been on a ship with Cyber scarabs everywhere. Cyber scarabs are biobots that reprogram any AI that sees it ignore its existence. They were designed to destroy ships in transit by hiding in difficult to get to places and eating wires and machinery. These creatures reproduce quickly and can destroy a ship within weeks. Turbo weasels were made as a pest control solution that could get into the hard to reach parts of a ship and not worry about being reprogramed. 

Turbo Weasel about to have a snack! TTRPG podcast




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