Fast Food Fun RPG STYLE 

One of the biggest myths in RPG is that players must always have some kind of battle or be causing problems. Stealing something, Trying to sleep with the barmaids. I have found that really good roleplayers are just as happy exploring their characters opinions as they are crushing heads. In this episode, the players do just that. The Fifth crew takes a break from escaping from the church of the illumination to have a snack. The players had so much fun Roleplaying that I almost felt bad having to end it to send them to the next scene. 

  • Gerry wants to know if the Rats are fresh? (Role Vs Roll Card) 
  • Norkek and Hedda "Friendzone"
  • Lots of Fake Zapperburger commercials

Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast is an Australian RPG show with voice actors around the world 

I want to take a moment to thank our cast work working so hard. We have really exceeded all my expectations. Our Patreon is going well and we have a great listener base. Thank you for helping to put us on the map for Australian RPG Podcast 


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