What is the meaning of Skrup? And why do you say it all the time? 

So if you have been googling the word skrup you must be or should be a fan of the Starfall actual play podcast! 

Science Fiction Vocabulary 

Ways to properly use Skrup! Use it instead of "Fuck". Unlike "Drek and Frak" that are used in tv and media where they are unable to curse, we have no such restrictions. However, we do like the feel those words adds to the world building of the podcast. As new words come up we will be posting them as well. 

I have to admit at first its hard to use the word. As time goes by the word Skrup seems to sneak into phrases used by the player characters. I try as a gamemaster to use the word every chance I can get. So far we have used this word at least once in every episode. I have even started using it at work. My co-workers do look at me oddly. I'm currently trying to get one of my coworkers to use skrup but he keeps trying to use it to replace the word Hello. This is going to be a process. 

Skrup is listed in Urban Dictionary 

With a little help, we have been able to get Skrup listed in Urban Dictionary. I must admit having a giggle at this!  What is even better is that some of the comments seem to be from fans of the show. Or next big goal is to be listed in Wikipedia!  

Here are some skrupping examples! 

  • Skrup you!
  • Skrup you and the ch-ow* you road in on! 
  • This skrupping sucks! 
  • Skrup a duck (nobody knows what a duck is anymore similar to Chicken Soup : Short Story
  • Skrup can also be used instead of "Shit" though the word "Sqret" perhaps more ummm err proper? 
  • Who that is a person I would like to Skrup! 
  • I got Skrupped over!

*(Ch-ow is a chicken cow hybrid that replaced both species for consumption two hundred years after the fall)

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