Two aliens talk about humans 

Now and then I get a performance for Starfall that is just too good not to share. This is a new segment of Starfall Actual Play Podcast and I think we are going to make more of them. These two are just too much fun to write. 

Norkek and Hedda are two Aliens (Elome and Glippan) who are talking about a human who took Hedda to a strip club. Hedda is obviously confused being that Glippan does not have genders.  Norkek who is an Elome Reptile looks at breeding in a totally different way but has a basic understanding of how humans function and a slightly different perspective of human strip clubs.  

I was going for a cross between pulp fiction and pinky and the brain style conversation. I as lucky that Jordan our voice actor was able to take this an run with it. He really brings the characters to life. I'm also very happy that the animation turned out as good as it did as this is my first attempt at any form of animation. In the future I'm going to try my hand at other forms of animation but for now enjoy. 

Why you should Watch Norkek and Hedda 

  • You think that Humans are funny creatures 
  • You like it when someone takes a sensitive issue and makes  it funny 
  • You are a guy who wants to be a feminist
  • You are an Australian feminist with a good sense of humour 
  • You like aliens 
  • Conversations in fast off joints are always funny 


Written By Kevin C Mason 

Performed by Jordan King-Lacroix


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