Star-Fall RPG Podcast Star Map!

Trying to make Science fiction more real to the podcast listeners 

I just love it when a good science fiction writer puts in a map for me to see. I am a very visual person and a map just makes the futuristic world seem to move alive to me  

Sometimes it helps to see a map to get an idea of where everything is. The players are using a map just like this to navigate through the system. I like giving our listeners an idea of where everything is. During the podcast, we will often mention places like Jhodd & Station Alpha even though the party has not visited those places. I have talked with the cast and they are planning to visit all the planets at some point ....maybe not War-med. that would be very bad. 

Why have a Navigator?

In Star-Fall we have special navigation rules that make Navigators fun and VERY valuable to the party. Sure anyone can pay the 300 credits to have their ship preprogrammed with an FTL jump coordinates between major systems, but they will find that it will take them forever to get anywhere. Navigators have the ability to take special routes that are much faster. They can also land their ship within the system in strategic locations. 

Star-Fall Science Fiction Podcast Galaxy Map

Places of interest in the Star-Fall Podcast 

The All consuming Maw First of the locations is the Great All consuming maw This black hole prevents faster than light travel between the Church of the Illumination and the Jhoddian confederation. The only points where ships can cross is between King and K-Run (How K-run got its name). In the future, we will have more 

War-Zod: This is where everything has happened so far in the actual play podcast. This planet has been labelled green because of its still under the control of its own government. This forest planet has only two cities. Its also known for its extremely large predators 

Helios: This water planet is where season one will end. 

War-Med: This is the harsh planet where Dave is from. It's not a good place to be. if the cold does not get you the inhabitants will. You will never find a friend on this planet just someone who does not want to kill you this moment. 

More info coming to the Star-Fall RPG 

We are actively working on making sourcebooks for the podcast. Part of the rules will be Navigation we will update this page has it happens.  

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