The Church of the Illumination is the bad guys of Star-fall.

Sci-Fi Religion Church of the Illumination

They are very expansionistic and seek to take over as many planets as possible. Just like real religions, the faith itself is seldom the problem, but the organizations who run the faith. 

The church was founded when a psychopath found redemption through kindness and the purpose of helping others. This one time killer was spending most of his time becoming a pillar of the community. His journal about his process of becoming a better person was turned into a philosophy and one hundred years later a religion. 

Like in all situations the religion itself is all about Love and bettering oneself to be a better person. However the organisation who governs the religion will often go against the teachings then find a line in the holy text that can be loosely translated to justify their actions. 

The Three orders. 

The church is divided into three orders that answer to the "Grand Prophet". The three orders should have equal power within the church though this is not the case and political fighting between the orders is not uncommon. (Some reports of physical confrontation does exist but all records are removed quickly) 

The Order of the Richous light

Most people mistake this order as the whole of the religion. Its main focus is on the people and their conversion. It forms 80% of the church's infrastructure.  This order is known for its civic duties like feeding the poor and providing police to keep the peace. It's also the main force behind expansion. The ORL also holds most of the fleets and ground forces. ORL is also famed for their use of "Street Preachers" the highly trained special forces used to convert or eliminate threats to a planets conversion 

The Order of the Ancient light 

This is the Historians & educators of the religion. The OAL is dedicated to finding & eradicating pre-crash equipment. (After discovering all their secrets) This order is significantly more advanced than the other orders but is not willing to share their discoveries. This order does have its own "Security forces"  mainly the dreaded "Paladins" an elite power armor unit who's tech is beyond anything even the confederation has. 

The order of the inner light 

Not much is known about this order. What is known about this order is that the past three "Grand Prophets" have all been OIL members. It is mentioned that the order consists of only monks who spend their time in contemplation of the teachings.

The eleventh race

The Church of the Illumination has an Armageddon myth. That is. "When the Eleventh Sentient Species is found they will bring the end of days" It is unknown if the founder of the church as speaking about a specific species (Something he was already aware of) or a premonition of a new species. G'Dar records talk of at least 10 species of sentient beings that have yet to be "Rediscovered" by the Church or the Confederation. (also little detail about the races are known as it was assumed they would still be around to tell their side of the story )

The Church has used this myth to continue their subjection of non-humans.  This has also fueled the churches expansionistic policies into known territories without attempting to explore new systems where intelligent life may exits. The exception to this is the Planet Lome  

NOTE : The Church of the Illumination is not based off any real earth religions.

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