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Actual Play Podcasts you should be listening to in 2018

Best RPG Podcasts

Actual play podcasts are a hot thing right now.

It seems that anyone with a microphone is and a set of dice with more than six sides is recording a podcast. Now I have been spending time on this topic doing research yah research ....that is it research. I have gathered a list of some of the best to cross my earbuds. Some of these have poor audio quality and some have full production value and a budget. I ask you to ignore that and listen to the content. Most shows will start off small and when they start to get backers on pateron will upgrade their podcasting equipment to something a little more professional. I happen to know one podcast that recorded their entire first season on the gamemasters Samsung phone. (Star-Fall cough cough) 

I would like to note that any comments by me will be in Blue 

Why should you listen to an independent RPG Podcast?

Independent podcasters are the lifeblood of the Podcasting world. These creative people are doing what they love and inviting you to the table as a spectator. These Gamemasters and players come up with the most creative adventures. Some are true to the rules and some throw the rules out the window. Listening to these podcasts you will learn all kinds of great GM/Player skills. Most of all these podcasts are just fun. I highly recommend that you listen to at least five episodes as it takes a little while for everyone to really get into character. by then it will be too late as you will be addicted to the podcast :

Great way to learn new games you have not purchased yet. Think of it as a free sample. 

Why should you support an RPG Podcast? 

Podcasting is not free. it's Cheap, not free. Many of these gamemasters are spending their own money to produce their podcast. Many will have products, Patreon pages and or Ads in order to keep the show going. If it was not for our backers we would not be able to publish our show at all. Become A Patreon backer even if its just $1 a month. It adds up trust me. 

Other ways to support the show are free and perhaps more important. Tell someone about their show. Getting the word out is such a difficult task that there are entire forums and Facebook groups dedicated to this problem. Simply telling someone about the show or posting an episode on Facebook or Twitter is a huge help.

Contact the Podcaster!! Trust me they will love it. There have been a few times where I was thinking that nobody cared about the show and I received an email from a listener. It does wonders to inspire the cast. 

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I have been busy? Working on Invoke ... I wish.

  So one of the biggest problems with being a creative person is that the paychecks are not always when you want them. This means having a job to pay the bills while you are working on your bigger projects. Also being that I have a family to feed we just can't do the whole "I can eat instant ramen one more night". So off to get a job I go. 

One of the biggest problems is that I'm very good at what I do. REALLY good. This means I have tons of experience and awards it also means that most companies are afraid to hire me at a lower rate because they fear that I will jump ship the moment someone offers me a decent paycheck (They are not wrong). The other problem is that at my level of expertise there are not many jobs and the few that exist result in a 90 min train ride into Sydney.  This is time away from family and projects. 

So what does one do with this problem when you have a major project coming up? You get a Job at a factory.

That is right I am not doing IT anymore I'm working on a factory building RVs.  

But lets look at this closer 

  • I can walk to work. 
  • The hours are 7 Am to 3:30
  • No Train fees 
  • No weekend shifts 
  • I can be home by 3:45 and start working on Invoke 
  • I can leave my job at the factory 
  • The work is so easy part of my brain is writing stories. 

So that is what I have been doing. New job making is so I can still eat while working on Invoke. This does mean that I'm not going to be spending as much time on Twitter. it also means that I'm going to be a little slow on listening to Podcasts.


So Expect more from this space soon. As am spending a Hour or two every day working on Invoke.  

How I spent Tabletop Day

I love tabletop Day! Why? Because I get to play other people's games and connect with some awesome people. 

The Party was being thrown by my good friend Penny.  Everything was scheduled to kick off sometime around 11 AM. As much as we wanted to be there by that time the real world such as laundry Grocery shopping and a few and a few chores got in the way. Not to mention a one hour drive to her house. So we arrived somewhat later. 

 This time around we played a round of Killer bunnies & Code Names.  

Imp is not a fan of Code Names at parties because it's one of those games they have in the break room at work. Being that she is at a party the last thing she wants to do is play something she is going to be playing again on Monday. Myself I like the game but find that I'm not very good at it. My brain can make too many associations so all the cards can link up. After two rounds I was done. 

Tabletop Day Playing Killer Bunnies

Killer bunnies, on the other hand, is one of those games that has made it to the Games and websites we love page. 

For those who have played the game its always a good time to take some extra time to shuffle. My first draw I would have almost one of the game because I had 4 choose a Carrot cards (They key to the whole game is gathering Carrots for a raffle draw at the end of the game) I was happy to do a redraw because the point is not winning the game like that. This is a problem with Killer bunnies because at the end of the game a lot of the cards are grouped together. And with that many cards, it is not easy to shuffle them. I have found give everyone about 50-100 cards and have them shuffle that.. Take one-half of those cards and hand them to the player next to them. Shuffle the cards some more and do one more cutting of the cards just to make sure. 

For some reason every time I Play Killer bunnies it seems to be the same theme .. I never have Bunnies till the mid part of the game. I spent most of my time discarding cards that I could not use because I could not meet the Bunny Requirement. Towards the end of the game, I was finally able to get a bunny or two. 

For those who have played Killer Bunnies most of the game itself is total Chaos. With bunnies meeting a gruesome and hilarious death! This game was no different. 

Look at this hand

I ended up winning the game due to the games Raffle mechanic. Though some people do not like this mechanic because it can undo a lot of cleaver work during the game I find it kind of refreshing. It does mean that you need to gather as many carrots as you can during the game. Making those items far more valuable. 


How to promote your game at a Board Game party

If you are reading this you must also love this holiday that sprung up out of freaking nowhere. For most game companies this is a time to strut your stuff and get promoting. Getting invited to somebody else's board game party is great! 

Here is how to promote your game that you have been working on! 


What??!?!?!?! Yep, you heard me. This is not the time or place to be promoting your game. Why? Because it's a bad idea! 

When you are invited to a game before you pack up your prototype or that best selling game you have been promoting all this time think if that is why you were invited. If the person who invited you asked you to bring your game fine. Ignore this advice because it does not apply to you. Otherwise, read on so you don't become "That Guy". It's super easy to get caught up in the promotion of your creative projects. However, there is a time and a place for everything. A gaming party is not one of them. You will have plenty of time to promote/Test your game in the future 

In our area, there is a guy who is always trying to promote his reskinned version of "Werewolf". Though the game itself is not bad it really is just another version of the party game. The problem is that every time someone brings up a new game to play this guy is the loudest and most aggressive. IF he gets his way the rest of the night is going to be spent playing this game. Where he spends a lot of time setting up and taking notes (Good Game Dev .... but this is Not his party) If not everyone wants to play "Again" he will take those people who wanted to play away from the party or leave the party early. Basically, he is not there to be social just promote his game. Either way, I'm not going to buy his game when it comes out. My experience with this guy has left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not the only one. 

IF you must promote your game the key is being humble. In the group that I play with they all know that I'm a game designer. When going to a party I do let others know that I'm going to be bringing my prototype and they are welcome to play. And that is it. Most of the time I get asked if I have my new game and everyone is happy if I say yes.

What is valuable is taking the time and playing other games. Take the time to have fun and get to know everyone else at the party. Be a gracious loser and a humble winner. Be clever and be social.  The connections that you are going to be making during that time is invaluable. Remember you are not on the sales floor. You are there to build those connections. Later on, when your Kickstarter comes up those connections are more than likely to Back/Share/Promote your project. 

Here is a great way to think of it. "Do I sound like that guy/gal who sells multi-Level-Marketing?"  IF yes ... shut up. 

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