Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer RPG Video 

So Here I was minding my own business working on the website when this guy calls me. Now I hate Spam emails .. I really hate Spam phone callers. Though in this case, I figured it would be time to have some fun with this guy. 


Advantages: No boss, Nothing to loose, Quick thinking, Epicly creative. 

Disadvantages: Got better shit to do 


Assets, Greedy, Script, 

Disadvantages: English, not the first language, Poor listening skills 

As a Gamemaster I am quick on my feet to come up with a story 

The first thing I could think of is to tie this into the Star-Fall Podcast. Being that is what is forefront in my mind at the moment it should be easy. So what I did was quickly create a character in my head (like I do NPCs) and think of what might keep this guy on the phone as long as I could.  I came up with a guy who lives in a highrise in War-Zod during the Church of the Illumination invasion. (Season one of Star-Fall by the way) 

I was surprised when this guy was not taking the hints when I was spoon feeding him clues like different planets and stuff. It just goes to show you that he was not really listening to me in the first place.. 

So here I have the call ready for you to listen. At the end is a trailer for Star-Fall.  

PS The guy called back the next day. I was surprised that he did so. I was not thinking at the time. I should have kept it going. too bad ... there will be more of them. 

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