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There are many ways to support the podcast. Some of you are already supporting us with the Patreon and we thank you. We also wanted to make some fun stuff like t-shirts mugs etc. 

Episode 14 Zapperburger

Fast Food Fun RPG STYLE 

One of the biggest myths in RPG is that players must always have some kind of battle or be causing problems. Stealing something, Trying to sleep with the barmaids. I have found that really good roleplayers are just as happy exploring their characters opinions as they are crushing heads. In this episode, the players do just that. The Fifth crew takes a break from escaping from the church of the illumination to have a snack. The players had so much fun Roleplaying that I almost felt bad having to end it to send them to the next scene. 

  • Gerry wants to know if the Rats are fresh? (Role Vs Roll Card) 
  • Norkek and Hedda "Friendzone"
  • Lots of Fake Zapperburger commercials

Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast is an Australian RPG show with voice actors around the world 

I want to take a moment to thank our cast work working so hard. We have really exceeded all my expectations. Our Patreon is going well and we have a great listener base. Thank you for helping to put us on the map for Australian RPG Podcast 


Star-Fall is now on Discord.




So everyone is talking about this discord thing. So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon. We are going to use this to better connect with our listeners. You will be able to interact with the cast directly as fans and talk about whatever you want. There will be even times where Kevin will be talking about Star-Fall as a whole beyond the campaign. 


Patreon Backer Benefits 

We are always looking to add cool things for our backers. 

  • Listen to the show WHILE we record EVERY show 
  • Make comments for the entire cast to see while we are recording (Make comments or give the Gamemaster ideas) 
  • Cast & Backers only chat rooms 

Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer in this Funny Video

Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer RPG Video 

So Here I was minding my own business working on the website when this guy calls me. Now I hate Spam emails .. I really hate Spam phone callers. Though in this case, I figured it would be time to have some fun with this guy. 


Advantages: No boss, Nothing to loose, Quick thinking, Epicly creative. 

Disadvantages: Got better shit to do 


Assets, Greedy, Script, 

Disadvantages: English, not the first language, Poor listening skills 

As a Gamemaster I am quick on my feet to come up with a story 

The first thing I could think of is to tie this into the Star-Fall Podcast. Being that is what is forefront in my mind at the moment it should be easy. So what I did was quickly create a character in my head (like I do NPCs) and think of what might keep this guy on the phone as long as I could.  I came up with a guy who lives in a highrise in War-Zod during the Church of the Illumination invasion. (Season one of Star-Fall by the way) 

I was surprised when this guy was not taking the hints when I was spoon feeding him clues like different planets and stuff. It just goes to show you that he was not really listening to me in the first place.. 

So here I have the call ready for you to listen. At the end is a trailer for Star-Fall.  

PS The guy called back the next day. I was surprised that he did so. I was not thinking at the time. I should have kept it going. too bad ... there will be more of them. 

Episode 13 The Fifth Crew

Episode 13 The Fifth Crew 

In this episode, the party gets a new name "The Fifth Crew". They arrive at the Confederate planet Helios where they need to get past customs in a Pirate ship. They also discover not everyone was killed on their ship. 

New Zapperburger commercials. 


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