I'm going to expand on our last game.

This time we are going to talk a little about Role Vs Roll and the characters themselves.. you can see the rest of the blog at Running Numenera for the first time.

The Artwork  

So the whole point of this is to keep my brushes moving and challenge myself as an artist. I'm trying to use this as a showcase of what I can do. The painting above took me about two hours to do.

Gamemaster stuff

From a gamemaster side, the game was very easy. I was expecting to be bogged down with the rules of the new system. However, because the rules are so easy to use I spent almost no time looking up rules. I did, however, did take notes on the back of a character sheet to keep things consistent as the players have asked this one shot be turned into a campaign. 

Truth be told I did not spend as much time working on the adventure as you would have expected. My notes were very simple 

  1. Introduce characters
  2. Have PCs meet the Murden
  3. Take the players away from the tavern
  4. Have the attack on the lower levels blamed on the Murden
  5. Have the players encounter Murden and then discover they are not the real threat
  6. Fight with Oologaan soldiers  (The Real Attackers)

That was it. I wanted to focus more on getting the characters fleshed out by providing a great environment for the players. I also wanted to focus on the Birds. By having the players work with the birds and their unique personalities it could have the players flesh out the PCs even more. 


So this time around there was not a lot of NPCs beyond the Murden. The players spent most of the time getting to know each other. I did introduce two NPCs that will become more important later. But now it was all about the introduction and foreshadowing

The Bartender. I know I know I started the campaign in a bar but when you consider that one of the characters works in the bar as their character concept it's not so bad. The Bartended pays Belric (See below) to be a bouncer with free beer. 

Captian Techard. The captain of the city guard is a 57-year-old woman who half of her upper body has been turned to glass in a battle. When she speaks her voice has undertones like glass scraping on glass. when you look at her face you can see all the bones and organs as separate bits of glass.There are stories that you can see what she is thinking if you get close enough. (nobody is that brave) She walks with her right hand in a sling as it appears to be immobilized by the glass transformation.  She is a glaive of considerable power and I mentioned that she could easily take out the entire party while using her left hand. This NPC has not formed an opinion of the players at this point 

One of the notes that I had to write down. The Murder of the Murden (You can only say that in Numenera) was not illegal because the laws are different on the lower levels. the Higher the social status the higher levels you reside. 

Using Role Vs Roll cards 

So this was the first time that my players had used Role Vs Roll cards. I dealt out three cards to each player. Though there are many ways to use Role Vs Roll we had decided to use the method of having the players guess what cards were drawn at the end. The point of this is to force the players to be subtle with the use of the cards as possible. At the end, I had awarded one XP to three of the players for using the cards 

  • 1 XP To Jade's character Azima for using "Bad habit card"  her character makes strange noises while eating 
  • 1 XP To Imp's Character Mariah for using "Hobby card", Her character makes paper pinwheels when she is not fighting.
  • 1 XP to "T's" Character Belric for NOT using any of the cards because her character concept did not fit any of the cards and after talking with her about the cards and her character I agree. 

One of the things that I liked was that all the players started to think about their characters the moment they drew the cards. The players have asked to use the cards next game. 

Prep for next game 

So now that we have a better feel for the game and the characters. I'm working on some of the possible plots 

  • The Murden greatly dislike the characters because of the murder of one of their own at the hands of the PCs (Bragi)
  • The Captian will ask the players to join the guard for their help in the lower levels (Still not decided on this one) 
  • Need to have more mounted combat with the birds by Player request. 



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