Roleplaying games in Katoomba 

You don't always have to be the GM. Avoid Burnout and learn something by letting someone else GM 

RPG Dice Katoomba

I'm making the drive from Emu Plains to Katoomba today to play my Bard in D&d5e. It's certainly worth the drive. It's nice to not be gamemastering Star-Fall all the time. I have some advice for people who are making an actual play podcast and that is to take some time to be part of the RPG world that has nothing to do with a project. My Friends Dungeons and Dragons game is the perfect time for me to just play. (And avoid the dreaded burnout) 

My good friend Aaron is running the D&d5e game with a theme of a nasty underworld. (As in crime not underground) I'm playing the chaotic good Bard. (Yah I know a stretch). What I love about this is that I get to sit back and actually not be in charge. I think that it's important to be a player now and then because I learn so much from watching other people GM. Aaron is rather good at plot lines and NPCs. He may not know this but I'm taking notes to improve my own game. 

Aaron has a way of keeping the plot very interesting beyond the stats. Oh, Sure we have stats but it's not what the game is about. Often the problems seem to be just outside of our reach to solve. He has injected a keen sense of dread 

Roleplay Heavy campaign!

If you have spent any time on my twitter feed you would know that I love a good adventure with lots of Roleplaying. Aarons game is perfect for me. We also have other players who really add to the roleplay. Being that I am playing a bard this suits me just fine. 

Our monk is more all about his religion and the moral path. (The opposite of my drinking wenching bard ) our characters are always arguing. 

Our Elvin mage is all kinds of mysterious. I just love this character. Because it's about what she doesn't say that makes us question about her intentions. The GM has allowed us to do a special attack where I throw a bottle of Alcohol and the mage ignites the bottle in mid air creating a makeshift fireball. Soo much fun. 

Ork Rouge is all kinds of Shaddy without being a walking excuse for "Backstab". I think what makes this character so dangerous is not the knives but his contacts. More than once we had an entire Thieves guild have our backs for a price (Ummm not wanting to pay that price but nobody asked the bard) 

Playing a Bard you get really good at roleplaying out of any situation.

If you are all about the stats or one of those players who can't wait for your next action never play a bard. But if you are looking for a Roleplaying challenge then to roll up your bard and don't look at your dice for the rest of the day. 

Let's face it my bard can't fight at all. He is great with the social interactions but anything with a sword I am so screwed. So my only real defence is to build a network of friendly NPCs that owe me. (I'm taking a crazy amount of notes on the NPCs so I can call on them later) 

The current joke of the group is I am always trying to find a way to solve every problem by throwing a party. So far two game nights this tactic has worked. The GM is on to me... let's see if I can keep this up. 

So that said I'm feeling refreshed and going to get back to editig Star-Fall