What was perfect was not so perfect for Starfall 

So many of you who have been following the Youtube Channel know that I have a dedicated studio for the creation of all things geek. But there is one problem. We live in Australia. This means that there is often rain and a lot of heat. Currently, in the studio, it's around 36 Degrees Celsius (96. F). That would not be so back except that when I go to record there is a serious fan noise. The same goes when there is heavy rain.

Yah the dog who will often reply to the dogs in the neighborhood. does tend to cause some audio problems. This has added a lot of time to the amount of editing to my projects. Starfall has been very time to intensive. 

Mozzies .. Yep not everything in Australia wants to kill you. Some of the critters want you to be a walking snack tray. We have been able to keep them at bay for game night but spending 8 hours out there every night to edit Starfall is making the mozzie repellant an expense. 

Lastly, I like to work odd hours and some of those hours are times when the family is doing other things in the house. Going out to the studio is a bit isolating. 

We moved my computer to the front room

Such a simple solution. Moving the studio to the front room is not a perfect solution but its the one we have at the moment. What I do like is that it's 6:00 Am at the moment and I'm able to get right to work without having to put on smelly mozzie repellant (does not mix well with coffee by the way) 

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