I have been working on Startfall for some time (Almost 20 years) and its time to let it out of its bag. Now that we have space and some basic recording equipment we are going to to be recording this game to be published via podcast. Currently, these are non-paid position because well I'm not getting paid either.  The Story takes place 500 years after a galactic empire collapses. The Players will be trying to survive an invasion of a theocracy known as the Children of the Illumination. A once benevolent religion turned dictatorship. This will be both an action-packed game with tides of comedy and dark topics. 



We need to fill the following positions 

  • 2-4 Main characters 
  • 4 Support voices 

Main Characters 

  • Must be in Greater Sydney/ Blue Mountains willing to game in Emu Plains (Western Sydney, past Parramatta, just past Penrith before the Blue Mountains) 
  • Must be able to commit to once a month game night.
  • Acting & personality is more important than RPG experience

Support Voices 

  • Not Limited to Geographic location 
  • Good Reading Voice 
  • Must have access to recorder (Yes even a phone will work) and send large files (Dropbox) 

If you are interested please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.