So one of the things that drives me nuts as a GM is having the mage player always trying to borrow the core rule book to look up the stats for their spells. Like I am going to tell them no they can not look up a rule. However, it is disruptive to the game as they are often wanting to look at all the pages that I have book marked. 

So what I have made is a cool hangout where you can print out the player's spells. No more flipping through my book in the middle of the game! 

This PDF is a free handout. Download it now. 

Free PDF spell book handout for your Mage characters

This is a simple (And Free) handout to give to your mage characters/players. The idea is that if they are using this to record their spells they are not spending time disrupting the game to look up the spell information. and it looks cool