Who gets the XP for killing this spider Video


So the other day my wife encountered a redback spider while working on one of her woodworking projects. Very unlike her, she screamed as she is not one of those people who are afraid of many things. Spiders that are venomous and can put you in the hospital if not kill you is one of them. I ran over picked up a big piece of wood and crushed it. End of story. 

Now I was in a gamemastering kind of mood and I started to think .. who would get the XP in that encounter? Figured this would make a great topic for Youtube. 

Who Gets the XP? 

So here is all the information. And you write in, Send in a video, Draw a cartoon. just tell me who should get the XP and why! 


In this scenario, there are two people 

Imp: The Woodworking fighter 

  • Mostly Fearless 
  • Raised a pet wolf to 18 years old 
  • Archer 
  • Woodworking, Owns power tools, can fix cars 
  • Musically talented 
  • Lawyer

Kevin: The Bard 

  • Not always brave 
  • Artist 
  • Computer tech 
  • Not all that brave in real life 

Imp who is only afraid of spiders screamed. This the first close encounter we have had with a Venomous Readback spider. Kevin's only interaction with the spider was to hit it with the wood. 

So who get's the XP? 


Send in your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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