Snake in a tophat holding a gun

One of the things that non-artist don't seem to get is that there is no such thing as a waste of time when it comes to art. Even if the end product is crap and ends up in the bin somewhere the artist learned something. Sometimes that might be a simple technique or a brushstroke. Sometimes it's just learning what not to do.

The above image is one of the pictures that were rejected for Role Vs Roll. Part of the theme of Role VS Roll art is that there has to be something slightly odd about the image. This was my attempt to give a rattlesnake a more dastardly look and feel.  Though I do feel I captured the feel for the snake it did not fit with the rest of the Role Vs Roll artwork. Where you start to realize that I did not waste my time is the fact the image is made of 4 different Images of snakes. The tail wrapped around the gun was very difficult to pull off. 

Though we did not use this image in Role Vs Roll we are happy to let you use it. Download it from our shop to get the license to use this artwork in your game product. All we ask is a mention in the credits. 

Free Steampunk Rattle Snake with top hat

Image of a  Steampunk Rattlesnake with a tophat for reuse with your RPG or Boardgame product. After all who does not need a rattlesnake with holding a Derringer hold-out pistol. Dapper Snake aside the monocle is not adding any trust with this critter 

This is the first bit of clipart that we are going to be offering on this site. I'm also producing one new image every weekday so come back often. 

Feel free to use this image as long as you give use credit and do not remove the watermark on the bottom of the image. If you are using this image for a Kickstarter send us a message and we will be happy to send a Twitter shoutout to help promote. 


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