The other day I was trying to keep up with all the mail for voice acting. Sending a script here. Trying to get someone to send in their voice acting audition recording. And someone sent me an email saying "Unsubscribe" at the same time two more people sent requests to do voice acting. I was going to go insane trying to keep all of this up. So I got an account with MailChimp (No this is not an ad for them). My thinking is that I need to focus on the show not the maintenance of the voice acting list. Then I thought the fans might want one too!! So I created two lists for Star-Fall. In both cases, we are not going to spam you.

If you have a great idea of what you would like to see on this list email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will put some serous thought into it. 


The Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast Fans List 

This list will have mostly talk about the show and point out some of the cool things we are doing while you wait for the next episode. Yes, I'm sure that I'm going to throw in some merchandise or a plug for Patreon. 80% will be linked to cool artwork, Short stories and even an animation or two that will not be part of the main show. OH YES and events as we are planning to do live feeds & recordings at pubs at some point. 

Star-Fall Voice acting list

We have roles that pop up all the time that I need someone to do a quick recording. This list will be used to let you know what roles are needed and highlight some of the really cool stuff our voice actors are doing (That is NOT Starfall). 


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