Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast is a project of Love.

At the time we started the project I only had $45 USD to keep the show running for three months. I was a little concerned that we were not going to make it. However thanks to the love of our fans we are now able to keep the show running. But we are not done yet. We are desperately in need of upgrades to our computer and recording equipment. We need all the help we can get. So to sweeten the deal we are now creating content only for Patreon backers. The more backers we get the faster we can produce content (and the higher quality) 

We need better microphones, RAM upgrades for two computers. As well as software to make more content.  So Please visit our Patreon page and check out the rewards for backers. Including Copies of Role Vs Roll Gamemaster too, PDFs and more!

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So to give back to our backers this is the first of the Videos only for them. This video is just a short animation about those two buddies Gerry and Reza. If you like this video, please let us know and we will be happy to make more. 

At the time of this creation, this was the second video animation I have attempted. We have much bigger plans. 

Or if you do not want to be a full-time backer and would like send us a little money our way. you can view the video for one Dollar. 

Star-Fall RPG Actual Play podcast . Two Aliens having Drinks

$1.00 each Short video of Gery and Reza drinking

This is a short video that I animated of Reza and Gery Drinking and talking about Terry. If you are a fan of the show I know that you will find this funny. If you are a Pateron backer then do not purchase this as its already free for you.  

All money earned over the costs of making the video goes to the cast! 

Other ways you can help the show without spending any money is by telling others about our show. It sounds silly but maybe just maybe that person you till will like our Sci-fi content so much they will become a backer!!! 



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