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Taking a few days off for computer maintance

Hey folks

As you may have noticed on my Twitter feed. The last few weeks have been very tough for us. After having an entire folder having over 6 months of work disappear (I do have backups) it's time to make sure that everything is getting backed up and updated. 

So the next few days will be spent on the following 

  • Updating all the software on all our computers 
  • Getting around to fixing the network issues
  • Backing up ALL of our artwork both for and to both to the cloud and to offline storage. 
  • Moving some of the lesser processes off my production machine
  • Moving some of the Board game production files to a Syncable folder 
  • Creating a secure Client folder (For art commissions)

Who knew designing games could take up so much tech time. Lucky for use this is the kind of stuff that I would do if I had a day job. When I am done this will make everything more efficient.




RPG portraits Part two

RPG portrait
I'm not with them
This was the second of the RPG portraits.  This time It was with RPGGameBreakers .. The expression he has on his face Triggered the whole painting. "I'm not with them .... Where is my Party? Oh they are off shopping for Mana potions.  
The toughest part was the bar in the background. I may want to return to this one after a few days of clearing my head. 

Time away from the canvas inspires

It's an odd thing. I am not sure how it works but sometime I practice too much. I have been working on some new painting techniques for weeks now and for some reason I was not able to get it no matter how hard I tried. I go away go away for the weekend come back and pow!! I am able to do it correctly the first attempt. Then repeat the process. 

I have seen this happen in the martial arts and dancing as well. Totally unable to do it correctly after a week of hard work and after a short break its almost like by brain needed time to process it in the background.

Painting like many things requires practice. And many of the techniques are easy to understand but not so easy when the brush hits the canvas.. Concept, dexterity and inspiration need to all be in agreement for art to happen.

I am curious if anyone else have noticed jumps in painting or drawing skills after a short break? 


Watch this space Invoke is coming

Just a few weeks aways before we get a working prototype!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this. There is something about seeing a product that you have been working on for years take physical form. 

I'm currently working on the web page for Invoke trying to make it as awesome as the game. Some of the things the site will have. 

  • Full rules on how to play Invoke 
  • Known Spells and how to use them.
  • EVEN MORE spells if you are a registered user 
  • How to play Videos that we hope will be entertaining enough even if you don't play 
  • Hidden Discount codes.
  • Hidden Spell formula 
  • The chance to have a spell named after you.