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One of the big problems with working on your Kickstarter board game project is paying for the art. The artist must get paid and most of the time before the Kickstarter project is even funded. (and whether or not you get funded.) So how does an amazing game designer with no artistic skill and limited budget pay for the art? 

Maybe we can help. Coming soon you will be able to download artwork from this site and with a modest fee also have the rights to use in your board game or RPGS Kickstarter project. We are going to have a very easy to understand license that details how you can use the artwork in your games. 

We are also going to help out projects that are registered in our system by promoting the project on our Youtube channel & Twitter. 

The idea is to help out the gaming community at the same time make a little money for ourselves. We hope to have a wide selection of art for boardgames & RPGs. and if you don't find anything that fits your game but like the style of art, you can always contact us for a quote for some custom artwork. 

Artwork for Games 


Painting An Octopus for Star-Fall RPG

Now and then I try to break out of the normal art rut and try something new. This week I'm going to start by painting an Octopod (Player Species for the RPG Starfall) 

This painting is going to be in Watercolour on canvas. The plan is to get a better feel for watercolors. 

So in Starfall, the Octopods are an uplifted species who have been modified to be amphibious. They can even exist in freshwater for short periods of time. (It is Sci-fi) The Species does not get along with others of its species much. So it really does not have much of its own culture. So most of Octopod the culture is merely a modification of Human culture. 

So how does this affect my painting? In this case, not a whole lot. Though I may do a few things that humans might. like having a tattoo or something. And being that the tattoo would be based on human cultures the writing would most likely be in English (Though the official language of Starfall is a Hybrid of English, Japanese, Cantonese and Spanish... 700 years will do that to a culture)  

I'm also going to consider that the Octopod may have a few devices that will work on the surface as well as underwater. I'm also going to consider when working in the background having a few habitats that humans may use. With that said. With the weather, not an issue underwater what kinds of structures would an Octopod use? What may other creatures exist on this planet? (Hint,,, it's not earth ) 


I'm going to be uploading a time-lapse video of this process to youtube. you can visit my channel HERE 


Sci-fi Octopus artwork

Octopus watercolourSci-fi Octopus RPG paintingAdded some more color. Working on giving the colors some depth after
adding some color ... a lot to go

Invoke Artwork Progress

The art for Invoke has evolved quite a bit over the last year.  Unlike Role Vs Roll I wanted to have a more organic feel to the game. Instead of having the artwork created on the computer it was painted by hand on canvas. Scanned into the computer then placed on the cards. Thinking that the whole idea of Invoke is thinking outside the box. The concept of putting the cards on a square card seemed to be wrong to me. After a long talk, Imp and I agreed that hexes would be a good idea. 

Imp suggested that framing the artwork in the middle in a box was more of the same and did not do the artwork justice. She told me to create the cards as if they were to be a piece of art all on its own. We would worry about framing the text later. So far I am very happy with the cards. 


Invoke Logo

Invoke Symbols

Looking at everything even the symbols 

One of the things we wanted to do with Invoke. is make it the best game ever. Both Visually and Mechanically. The Visual aspect is perhaps the most difficult as we wanted to make sure this game has a very organic feel. This is done by creating everything by hand. Even the symbols. In the original prototype, the Symbols were computer generated with very harsh and measured lines. This would make sense for most games however for invoke it was not enough. This is where Imp came up with a brilliant Idea. Hand paint each symbol using a Japanese painting technique. 

I'm always looking for an excuse to bring out my brushes. I had taken a Japanese painting class in a Buddist temple in Sacramento a few years back and loved the whole process. I Loved it so much my brushes were one of the few things that I had shipped to Australia when we moved. This was my chance to break out the brushes and get to work. 

The process of painting the symbols is not as easy as it sounds. With Japanese painting techniques, you cannot erase your mistakes. So in order to get the symbol correct, you must practice A LOT.  Each of the symbols you are looking at in the image above too many hours of design followed by 50-60 attempts to get the painted symbol correct with Ink and paper. From there we scanned the image into the computer and edited that. The process is about two days of work per symbol. 

The Video below is an example of me painting one of the symbols. The spell book in the first part is more for Role playing games but I think it could be for taking notes playing Invoke as well. 

Game Illustration

Looking for an artist for your game? Have a tight budget? Maybe we can help. We have some very affordable prices with very clear and easy to understand contact. We have opened up an RPG and Board game clipart gallery for you to choose from. The artwork ranges from Free art that only took me a few minutes to create, to artwork that I have been working on for months for a fee. All paid downloads will have a PDF with the license. We do however ask for attribution for all of our works. 


 Artwork for Game Designers

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