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The Art of Star-Fall Podcast

Art of Star-fall RPG Podcast



I must admit a lot of the time my art comes before the story. There will be times where I'm just doodling and something starts to look cool. While I am drawing this story starts to form in my head and from there worlds and from worlds and RPG. However, in this case, the story came first I have been Running Star-Fall for over twenty years. So in my mind, I have a very clear idea of what things look like. Now that I have this RPG podcast I have been working overtime to make these images. 

The Star-Fall RPG Characters

Everyone loves to have a sketch of their characters. I think its one of the cool things about Roleplaying games is to see a sketch that is obviously not you but it is (Maybe in another reality). When I started this podcast I gave the players a choice if they wanted to have their characters look just like them (Except the Aliens). Lucky for me our cast is very good looking. The technique that I'm using is a combination of photography and digital painting techniques. As much as I like to use filters on Instagram and Snapchat I do not like using them here. Even the really nice filters always seem to be missing the organic feel that I'm going for. So I use a Wacom tablet and hand paint over the image using techniques I would use as if I was painting on canvas. 


Arkady from the Star-Fall RPG Podcast

Arkady though she sometimes has a hard time running is a tough cookie. I have worked with Brodie (the model and the voice of Arkady) before in my other job as a body painter. We wanted to have a tough look and yet capture her softer side. The image here shows her holding a gun and with "Turbo" her pet cyborg weasel. Both of those were added post edit. We used a nerf gun to hold her hands in the right place for when it was time to edit the gun. 

Atrium from the Star-Fall Science fiction Podcast

Atrium was a little more difficult to draw. Unlike Arkady I did not have a model to work with. All the images that I could find of "Grey Aliens' did not have the look or the feel that I wanted. They were too short and their heads were too big. G'dar also have very unique looking eyes. This drawing was done by hand using a tablet. I also wanted to have some sort of marking on their forehead that gives away their political leanings 


David Hamerhands from the planet War-MedThis image was a collaborative work between my daughter and myself. The model (Also the voice of Dave in the podcast) is actually younger than me. We used theatrical makeup to make him look older than used the same technique we used on Arkady. 

Large humanoid lizard for the Star-Fall Actual Play podcast

Gerry is another example of my Drawing skills. I spent a lot of time trying to think about what an Elome would look like. I wanted to have a creature that had an almost dinosaur look with lizard features. This was also drawn by hand then added to the computer via a scanner. I found the independent focusing eyes like a chameleon to be rather difficult. Even more so in the animated Scifi comedy Norkek and Hedda 

Octopus holding a gun for the Podcast Star-Fall This is Reza. It's really a composite image of 6 different other images of octopus. I wanted to make sure this was a whole new image. I also had a hard time finding images that had the feel or tentacle layout that I wanted. So I took three or four public domain images and made a new one being careful to make sure that the colors and the textures matched. 

Terry giving a cheasy The Space consort for Star-Fall Science fiction podcast

This image was not a challenge at all. By the time I got to this image, I was getting really good at the overpainting technique. The actual photo shoot was easy as well as Gav (The model and voice to Terry) is very photogenic. I just had to add some special effects to give him that cheesy look 

 Park Ranger Power Armour for Star-Fall actual play Podcast

The Park Rangers on the Planet War-Zod need to have power armor to help them fight off the large predators that hunt in the forest. 

Confed Logo The crest of the Jhoddian Confederacy.  Alien Creatures RPG Podcast 1 One of the Larger predators found on the planet warzod. This one is called a Thunder bear. Named after its exceptionally loud roar 

Science Fiction Animations 

starfall RPG gdar



Illustrations by Kevin C Mason

 Illustrations by Kevin C Mason 

I have been an artist for all my life. When nobody is looking I am drawing. When I have nothing to do I am painting. When I am walking down the street my mind is working on a way to paint the sunset. My Art style changes often. This gives me a variety of skills to draw from. Though my focus is on the game space I am more than able to adapt to other intensities 

More importantly what I can provide a client is a level of professionalism that is rare in the art world. I work well with clients often asking for feedback. I see creating artwork for a client to be an interactive process. Not only do I strive for a level of quality in my work, I tend to finish the work on time. 

Below is a sample of some of my work. You can contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Painting of a Mushroom house

One of the things about being an artist is that you are always working on different techniques. This painting was a study on values and a few of the new features on Krita. 

Mushroom House or Pub clip art
Mushroom house painting by Kevin C Mason

Though this image does not look complex its too over 20 different layers. The concept of the painting also changed over time. It started with a drawing of a forest. From there it seemed to have a mind of its own where I turned the trunk of a tree into a giant mushroom. Then I started to think that maybe a Gnome or a halfling would be living in it so I added the door. 

While I was thinking about painting the door I decided to put a sign on the side of the mushroom. The only word I could think of was PUB. It could have been that I was also wanting a beer myself. 

You can purchase the license to use this image in your board game or RPG game by clicking on the link below. 

List of Amazing RPG & Board Game artist for hire.

People keep telling me that one of the biggest problems for building a Boardgame or publishing an RPG is finding an artist to do the artwork. That comes from a lot of artists are spending a lot of time honing their skills and not marketing themselves. Personally, as I am writing this I keep thinking that I should be painting that "Street Preacher" for the RPG Starfall or finishing up Invoke. So what I have done is collected a few artist that I think that you will like. Few have been working in the creative sector for some time and have an impressive portfolio and CV. There are a few that have never earned a dime for their artwork, and yet they are an amazing artist. (Do we really want to judge an artist by how many paintings they have sold? ...I'm not)

I want to point out that I'm not the agent for these artists so you will have to contact them yourself. I also want to state that I do not claim any of the copyright of the images on this blog post except for the ones that I have created myself. 

I am also going to keep adding to this post. So if you are an artist and would like to be listed check out RPG artists wanted for blog post.

Read more ...

RPG artists wanted for blog post.


Are you an artist who is looking to do commissioned artwork for RPG or Boardgames? Or is this something that you have been doing for some time? Maybe you are a cartoonist who has some awesome characters you are willing to license to a game company. OR Maybe you are that talented artist who draws characters for all the players at the table & figured it is time you got paid for your hard work. Well, I'm looking to give you a little more exposure. (No not that kind of exposure. Actual exposure! )  

I'm working on a blog post that is going to highlight artists who are skilled in the area for RPG and Boardgame art. I want to make a blog post where game designers may find you. 

Here is what I need. 

  • A Paragraph about you as an artist. What techniques you use, What style of art, And Maybe an influence or two. 
  • A Small sample of your work at least 300 Pix wide as a teaser  (We want them to go to your website ) 
  • Contact info 
  • OPTIONAL: A photo of you 
  • Once the blog post is up I need help sharing it. The more people share the post the greater the chance you will get hired. 

Sent it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  "Artist Blog" 


Ok, you are wondering "What is in it for you? ", I am an artist as well. Though we are all trying to get the same clients I have never seen art as a competition. I figure that if I have an amazing blog post with a list of artists (I'm included in the list) then there is a chance that someone is going to like my style of art and hire me. And if that means that 20 other artists get work before I do FANTASTIC !!!!!  I am all about giving to the community. 

I will not Post 

  • Copyrighted or Trademarked Material: Sorry no Wonder Woman or Fan Art. 
  • Hentai or Adult Material: Trust me I am not a prude by any stretch but the target of this post is for game creators some of them may be looking for artist for a kids game 
  • Racist, Hate or Misogynistic art: Most of it is crap anyway  

The Good Stuff 

  • This cost the artist nothing 
  • I'm not claiming the art in any shape or form 
  • I'm not an art agent so there are no commissions for the work you might get from the blog post. 

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