People keep telling me that one of the biggest problems for building a Boardgame or publishing an RPG is finding an artist to do the artwork. That comes from a lot of artists are spending a lot of time honing their skills and not marketing themselves. Personally, as I am writing this I keep thinking that I should be painting that "Street Preacher" for the RPG Starfall or finishing up Invoke. So what I have done is collected a few artist that I think that you will like. Few have been working in the creative sector for some time and have an impressive portfolio and CV. There are a few that have never earned a dime for their artwork, and yet they are an amazing artist. (Do we really want to judge an artist by how many paintings they have sold? ...I'm not)

I want to point out that I'm not the agent for these artists so you will have to contact them yourself. I also want to state that I do not claim any of the copyright of the images on this blog post except for the ones that I have created myself. 

I am also going to keep adding to this post. So if you are an artist and would like to be listed check out RPG artists wanted for blog post.


Ryan Hennesy

Ryan Hennesy is the founder of Whipstache Designs and has been doing all sorts of design work professionally for 7 years, specializing in cartography and print & layout design. He's also done his fair share of graphic, logo/identity, and web design including the recently completed redesign of James Introcaso's Ennie-winning Find more examples of his work at or chat with him on Twitter at @DMwhipstache.

RPG Maps artist for hireArt By Ryan Hennesy


Oliver Åne Yeon

"My name is Oliver Åne Yeon, also known as åne, OÅY, 12244514, oqeretsu, so on and so forth. I'm a hobby artist, and I've been drawing since I was eight years old.

Like any other, I started out with really messy and embarrassing manga art that came from seeing things like Inuyasha and Tokyo Mew Mew and Vampire Knight on TV. By now, I'd like to think I've grown out of it, but, of course, it still lingers. In my doodles, pencil and ink sketches, fanart, classwork, show pieces. But that's okay. I'm glad to develop my style while still remaining unique and close to my roots. I've worked with still-life, impressionism, graphic design, cartoon- on paper with pencil, ink, acrylic, charcoal- sometimes even linoleum. My commissions, of course, all tend to be digital. You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."


Kevin C Mason 

Yes, this is my website so if I don't Highlight some of my work Imp is going to kill me. 

4th Generation painter living in Emu Plains Australia, Game Designer and Gamemaster, Currently I'm working mostly with Krita Digital painting. I also have Watercolour, Acrylic, and sculpture under my belt. When I am not working here at Jackmonkey Games I am Painting on people producing Fine Art Bodypainting for  You can see my game portfolio Game Illustration

Past Projects include 

Steampunk adventure comic (Due for a Reboot 2018)

Role Vs Roll Gamemaster tool 

Invoke the Tabletop Game . (Currently in final design stages) 

RPG Portraits


Collateral Damage Studios

Collateral Damage Studios is an art studio from Singapore that traditionally works with the anime/manga art direction. That said, we are highly versatile in what we can provide to our clients, from steampunk airships to mummified rabbits. We do graphic design layout work too! Our board game clients include Ninja Division and MAGE Compan

  • Contact info 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Racknar Vancargan


Although I'm not a "traditional RPG game/fantasy artist", I do love this kind of work and I'd like to be a part of your blog.  Having older brothers who loved comic books growing up, I developed a love for the artwork and I've been drawing pretty much my entire life. As an adult, I became a graphic designer and that is my day job, I do a lot of freelance work too, which allows me to keep working on my craft. My influences varied as time went on, and I've pretty much developed my own style by now, but the ones that stuck to me and might show up a bit in my work are Joe Madureira, Bruce Timm, Mike Mignola, etc. As for technique, I usually do pencil sketching, scan then vectorize (not always) and finally add color, textures, and effects on Photoshop.  

I have a website, but you can check out my work at:

Zagreus Entertainment

We are highly skilled and proficient in illustration, character designs, animation, and Game development. At ZE- We never fail, when it comes to satisfying our clients with quality output and it would readily fit in your budget. This is what gives us an edge over others.



Kindly check our work here:


HQ Illustrations: 

Please add us on skype for instant communication.

ID: zagreusent


Richard Grzela

Digital color on pen and ink drawings.Influence - Comics and pop art! Artist include Red Grooms, Brom, Jim lee, Salvador Dali, Jim Murray, Todd McFarland, Sam Kieth

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Note from Kevin: So far of the artist that I have contributed to the blog post I like these images the most. There is something organic about the design that I cannot put my finger on. 

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