Are you an artist who is looking to do commissioned artwork for RPG or Boardgames? Or is this something that you have been doing for some time? Maybe you are a cartoonist who has some awesome characters you are willing to license to a game company. OR Maybe you are that talented artist who draws characters for all the players at the table & figured it is time you got paid for your hard work. Well, I'm looking to give you a little more exposure. (No not that kind of exposure. Actual exposure! )  

I'm working on a blog post that is going to highlight artists who are skilled in the area for RPG and Boardgame art. I want to make a blog post where game designers may find you. 

Here is what I need. 

  • A Paragraph about you as an artist. What techniques you use, What style of art, And Maybe an influence or two. 
  • A Small sample of your work at least 300 Pix wide as a teaser  (We want them to go to your website ) 
  • Contact info 
  • OPTIONAL: A photo of you 
  • Once the blog post is up I need help sharing it. The more people share the post the greater the chance you will get hired. 

Sent it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  "Artist Blog" 


Ok, you are wondering "What is in it for you? ", I am an artist as well. Though we are all trying to get the same clients I have never seen art as a competition. I figure that if I have an amazing blog post with a list of artists (I'm included in the list) then there is a chance that someone is going to like my style of art and hire me. And if that means that 20 other artists get work before I do FANTASTIC !!!!!  I am all about giving to the community. 

I will not Post 

  • Copyrighted or Trademarked Material: Sorry no Wonder Woman or Fan Art. 
  • Hentai or Adult Material: Trust me I am not a prude by any stretch but the target of this post is for game creators some of them may be looking for artist for a kids game 
  • Racist, Hate or Misogynistic art: Most of it is crap anyway  

The Good Stuff 

  • This cost the artist nothing 
  • I'm not claiming the art in any shape or form 
  • I'm not an art agent so there are no commissions for the work you might get from the blog post. 

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