So the other day someone was telling me that I should do a few comics to show off my work. The fist occupation that interested me as a child growing up was being a cartoonist. This was instantly suggested that I should not do that because there is no money in it. At age 45 I don't care anymore. 

This was one of the comics that I was working on when I was 19. At the time there was no such thing as webcomics. And the idea that the characters would be on an actual adventure and not just sit around a table with some dice. 

The idea behind this webcomic is "What would happen if characters were playing other characters but not of their own class".  One of the things that I am going have to do is always mention what class the character is playing as it does not match the image. 

The characters 

Wizbang : The Gamemaster He was one of those classic wizard tropes where he could never cast his spell correctly. 

Woofer:  He was the hero in the previous comic. In the past, he would only growl and be obsessed with food. These days He plays the Paladin. This will be fun because Woofer never had much of a code of ethics. 

Elmo The Dwarf: This guy is going to be playing the mage. He is very grumpy and would rather be drinking beer. 

Oger the Troll: Yes a troll named Oger. He was one of those big oafish characters that were not really smart. He also has a heart of gold that once the few brain cells in his head talk to each other will aways do the right thing. He will be playing the Theif. (He can't pronounce it and I plan to change the spelling every single time he talks" 

Plans for a Webcomic ? 

Not at this point. This is something that you are going to see from time to time but at the moment I'm going to be focusing on my other artwork and trying to get Invoke Published. Like all things if I get enough requests for more I will make more. 

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