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Now and then I'm up for an artistic challenge

So I did just that I challenged myself. I wanted to test out some new painting techniques and software without having to answer to a paying client. I also wanted to make sure that I was not painting the same sort of thing over and over again. The challenge was to ask the awesome people on Twitter If I could "photopaint" their image in to a new piece of art. Ric The GM was the first to answer. https://twitter.com/RicMTheGM. Being that I am a fan of his Youtube channel how could I say no. 

I took the Orginal image and started to work. Photo painting is where I convert an image into a painting by using painting Techniques on the image. I don't like to use filters because they often pick the wrong details to highlight. All the shading and details are added to the painting as I go. As you can see with the image above I take a bit of Artistic License with clothing and environment. 


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