Clipart of mage casting a spell

So the other night I upgraded my painting software. It's a good thing to do now and then. Especially when there are some new tools and brushes that might make my life as an artist easier. One of the things that I have learned in my years as an artist is that it's a very good idea to practice new tools BEFORE! a client calls you. Sometimes these tools and techniques can really slow you down, or worse they can have unexpected results in the middle of a project. So if you are to work with these new tools you need to do it when nobody is looking. This mage is one of the examples. 

Now I did not have any issues with the tools or the mage however I did spend a lot of time playing with the new lighting tools. IF I had charged a client for me to play around it would have cost them and extra $25-50 and that is just not cool. If I am going to be spending time playing around its going to be on my dime. 

The idea of this painting was to play more with the folds of fabric and to get to know the lighting effects a little more. I also wanted to work on the texture of the mage's belt and such. 

One of the cool things about being in the SCA. is that I have all kinds of examples of historical clothing and accessories some of them are even lying around my house. one of the Items in this painting that really stood out is the cloak pin. Yes that little U shaped broach on his hood. Personally, I hate them because I am always poking myself with them. (They are not safety pins). The scars in my hands gave me a very good memory of what they should look like. 

As for the lighting effect. this painting was done with a few levels. The wizard's hands are actually 4 different layers making sure that I was able to show that the spell the mage is about to cast is centered between his hands. This being the secondary point of light in the painting. 

Well, I should get back to drawing I have a few sketches to do for a client. 

$15.00 each Mage Focusing Power clipart

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