Spellbook with flap and magic rune clip art
Spellbook clip art
Got up today and started to work on a few more Items. Today I wanted to add a spellbook. I could imagine this one being for a new adventuring wizard somewhere around 1-7th level. I also wanted to think about what it is like for me bringing my RPG books to someone's house. I foud that sometimes the book opens up in my pack and damages the pages. A Mage would want to protect the important spell pages from being damaged during a climb up a cliff because the Ranger says they know a shortcut. (Yes it did happen in an RPG and I'm still bitter) 
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-100%$0.00 each Spell book with flap

I can't believe it took me this long to think about adding a spell book into the clip art collection. I'm even working on a game called Invoke involving spells. Sometimes I think that I need to have coffee all day. 

Most RPG games have some sort of wizard. And the mage should always have a spellbook for some kind in their equipment list. This clipart makes me think of what an Adventuring wizard might have amongst their possessions. In the image, I added a magic symbol that glows.