WOW! This took longer than I had expected. Imp and I have been working all week to make it so I can sell my images online. The toughest part was making sure that the shopping cart was compliant with the copyright standards that Imp set out. (One of the advantages of being married to a copyright lawyer) 

So Here is our first batch of Paid images. I spent a long time working on these and I am very happy with the results. I even cried a little while working on the flintlock because I miss my grandfather who was a gunsmith. 


We have set the price of the Licence for each of these Items to be around $15.  We have also made a package deal of 7 Images for $65. 

$15.00 each Viking Axe
$15.00 each Old Dagger Clip art
$15.00 each Flail with three spiked balls
$15.00 each FlintLock Pistol
$15.00 each Mace
$15.00 each Rapier
$65.00 each Old Weapon clipart Package Deal

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