One of the big problems with working on your Kickstarter board game project is paying for the art. The artist must get paid and most of the time before the Kickstarter project is even funded. (and whether or not you get funded.) So how does an amazing game designer with no artistic skill and limited budget pay for the art? 

Maybe we can help. Coming soon you will be able to download artwork from this site and with a modest fee also have the rights to use in your board game or RPGS Kickstarter project. We are going to have a very easy to understand license that details how you can use the artwork in your games. 

We are also going to help out projects that are registered in our system by promoting the project on our Youtube channel & Twitter. 

The idea is to help out the gaming community at the same time make a little money for ourselves. We hope to have a wide selection of art for boardgames & RPGs. and if you don't find anything that fits your game but like the style of art, you can always contact us for a quote for some custom artwork. 

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