Now and then I try to break out of the normal art rut and try something new. This week I'm going to start by painting an Octopod (Player Species for the RPG Starfall) 

This painting is going to be in Watercolour on canvas. The plan is to get a better feel for watercolors. 

So in Starfall, the Octopods are an uplifted species who have been modified to be amphibious. They can even exist in freshwater for short periods of time. (It is Sci-fi) The Species does not get along with others of its species much. So it really does not have much of its own culture. So most of Octopod the culture is merely a modification of Human culture. 

So how does this affect my painting? In this case, not a whole lot. Though I may do a few things that humans might. like having a tattoo or something. And being that the tattoo would be based on human cultures the writing would most likely be in English (Though the official language of Starfall is a Hybrid of English, Japanese, Cantonese and Spanish... 700 years will do that to a culture)  

I'm also going to consider that the Octopod may have a few devices that will work on the surface as well as underwater. I'm also going to consider when working in the background having a few habitats that humans may use. With that said. With the weather, not an issue underwater what kinds of structures would an Octopod use? What may other creatures exist on this planet? (Hint,,, it's not earth ) 


I'm going to be uploading a time-lapse video of this process to youtube. you can visit my channel HERE 


Sci-fi Octopus artwork

Octopus watercolourSci-fi Octopus RPG paintingAdded some more color. Working on giving the colors some depth after
adding some color ... a lot to go

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