G'Dar are like what you would expect if all those 80s Psychic Area 51 stories were real. 

aliens known as G'dar of the Star-Fall RPG podcast  

Appearance & Physiology 

The G'dar are taller but not as robust has humans. They have no hair with bluish-grey skin. Large eyes that have several pupils.  They have almost no nose and tiny mouth. Clothing is mostly robed with complex patterns. 

G'dar Enjoy slightly warmer weather than humans but have no problems existing with "Human standards" for environmental controls. 


G'dar are often quite because most of their language is telepathic.  They find communicating with humans cumbersome. They will at times create a telepathic link with a human to convey complex ideas. However, humans find this process very invasive so G'dar use this process sparingly. G'dar are often thought of as being unemotional. This is very inaccurate because almost all of the means to express emotional states for G'dar is through telepathy. 

G'Dar only have Genders for breeding but do not differentiate the expressions of those genders. They see the use of gender in a conversation as a primitive concept. G'dar use Ze vs He or her.  

Psy Powers 

 All G'dar have telepathic powers. Many of these power comes in the form of "Constructs". These mental exercises range from reading the minds of friends and family to minor telekinetic abilities. Some G'dar have been even known to create simple physical objects of pure telekinetic energy. 

G'Dar have groups referred to as cloisters. These groups are a cross between political groups and gym memberships. A rivalry between these groups as just like the G'dar quiet, subtle and should not be ignored. 

G'Dar in the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast 

Atrium: One of the main Player characters. Lie most G'dar Atrium is quiet most of the time but will often say something very important when everyone needs to hear it 


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