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RPG Actual Play Podcast bloopers  

Podcasting you make a lot of mistakes.

There are also times where the players go off track. So I have to edit this. Here are just a few of the gems that I have been able to save. I do warn you. The content in this episode is NSFW.. even more so than our regular show. I started cutting out the bloopers about a month ago, I was surprised how fast they piled up. We are going to be offering this blooper show for free just because you are awesome.  In the Future blooper shows will be available only to Patreon Backers as we need to say thank you to the people that help our show. 

it started with a clip that was just too NSFW. Then another and then another. Some points the when the Rum is flowing so do the outtakes. I must admit they are a lot of fun but do not add to the main story. 

We need a lot of help in upgrading our equipment. Currently, we are recording the actual play podcast portion of the show on my phone. Yah I said phone. I'm also suffering from not enough RAM and everything is taking forever to produce. A simple donation of $1 a month is a big deal for us. So please do what you can to help! 

In Exchange for helping out our show, you will get the following (Depending on the level) 

  • Early Access to Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast Episodes
  • PDF versions of Role Vs Roll 
  • Access to the Wiki 
  • Physical copy of a special Star-Fall edition of Role Vs Roll cards ($20 backers) 
  • Shout outs on the show 
  • Ad space (must be RPG, Scifi or Fantasy related)  

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