Language Evolves quickly in an Actual Play Podcast  

There is a reason why some of the phrases your grandparents used does not seem to make sense to you. Words phrases change over time. I'm told that we would not understand English at all if it was spoken to us by someone 500 years ago. In Star-fall I have figured that this process would have slowed down a little bit due to media. 

I also love Sci-Fi where they are using words that are unique to that "Universe" it gives it an immersive feel. Here is the growing list of words used in Star-fall. They will be listed in the order that we use them (For now). As the podcast moves along we will add more. So visit this page often. 

Star-Fall Glossary 

Warmedian: Someone from the planet Warmed. Often very good at fighting and survival. However, they do lack social skills beyond their own planet. Warmedians tend to be very pragmatic when it comes to their own survival. 

Warmedian Tattoo: A Artificially intelligent nanite tattoo that covers half of the face of all Warmendians. This Tattoo shows the loyalty person who wears it. Anyone who spends more than two years on War-med gets one if they like it or not as the nanites are in all the food. Warmedians use this tattoo to tell who is their enemies. Warmedians have a hard time trusting anyone without a tattoo. 

Star-Fall: The energy released when entering or exiting faster than light travel.

Warzodian: Someone from the planet War-Zod 

Octopod: A Member of the Octopod species. The Octopod species was uplifted from the Octopi from earth. (Not something to mention to them as its highly offensive) 

Skrup: This is the equivalent to "Fuck" 

Skrdonk : Manparts