Lifelong goal unlocked ... Create a cartoon.

Where some kids wanted to bt astronaut I wanted to create cartoons. It's something that has always been with me. Though the rest of the world kept telling me that I could not do such a thing and that I should get a real job. Well with this video I'm telling them SKRUP YOU! I'm going to do it anyway.

The video is only a test because I have larger plans and episode five of Starfall RPG to edit and publish. So First things first publish the Podcast then play with the animation. 

The Alien in the video is Atrium a G'dar in the party who like most G'dar is very quiet but will often say just the right thing. The Player "B" has totally embraced this and will often "Snipe" with hilarious comments while the other Starfall cast members are cracking jokes. She is a total joy to have at the table. 

As for the Animation audio. it just happened to be one of the bumpers we use on the podcast to warn people that we are not the most "Clean" Podcast. I chose it because it had "B's" Voice and it was very short. 

I'm working on a secret project that only the cast and the Pateron Backes will know about. 


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