Star-Fall RPG Podcast episode Four

In this episode, the players discover what was walking through the trees. They also start a few heated conversations around the campfire. The tension between the humans and non-humans start to strain. This episode is all about character development. It's going to run a little slow and with a lot of humor. but this is before the Skret hits the fan in episode Five and Six.

As a Gamemaster, this is where I realized not only do I have a great RPG group but I have an Amazing one. Sometimes running a game where you are looking for lots of character development is very hard. but with this group all I have to do is create a setting and they will do it for me. I personally listened to this episode three times just to write down all the potential RPG plot hooks. 

Norkek and Hedda this episode call out catcalling. IF you have not guessed it yet this is a feminist science fiction Podcast. Honestly, I think that makes the show more fun. At this point I'm getting a lot of fan mail for Norkek and Hedda and plan to write a lot more for these guys. Perhaps try my hand at some animation. 

  • Introduction 
  • Norkek and Hedda "Catcalling" 
  • Join the Jhoddian Army 
  • Discovery of the Park Ranger 
  • More info about "Turbo Weasles" 



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