So if you have been googling the word skrup you must be or should be a fan of the Starfall actual play podcast! 

Ways to properly use Skrup! Use it instead of "Fuck". Unlike "Drek and Frak" that are used in tv and media where they are unable to curse, we have no such restrictions. However, we do like the feel those words gives to the podcast. As new words come up we will be posting them as well. 

Here are some skrupping examples! 

  • Skrup you!
  • Skrup you and the ch-ow* you road in on! 
  • This skrupping sucks! 
  • Skrup a duck (nobody knows what a duck is anymore similar to Chicken Soup : Short Story
  • Skrup can also be used instead of "Shit" though the word "Sqret" perhaps more ummm err proper? 
  • Who that is a person I would like to Skrup! 
  • I got Skrupped over!


*(Ch-ow is a chicken cow hybrid that replaced both species for consumption two hundred years after the fall)