Elome are massive Humanoid reptiles who's planet was discovered by the Church of the Illumination 60 years ago. This species had not reached the point of space travel but were eager to trade their rich resources for passage to other worlds. Though the Elome were discovered by the church they have yet to convert to their religion. Elome will even attend seminary school to learn all the churches "Stories" then simply walk away with no commitment. The church has yet to realize the elome love stories but has no interest in religion. This is perhaps because the elome are pantheistic species.  

Elome Alien species Sci-Fi Podcast


Physical Traits 

Elome are larger and denser than humans. Often reaching around 500 Lbs. Elome are often mistaken for slow clumsy beasts because they seldom move at full speed. They even talk slow. However never mistake slow speech patterns for a lack of intelligence or the inability to move quickly as Elome as just as agile as humans. 

Two of the most notable physical attributes is their ability to regrow limbs & their independently focusing eyes. Elome can regrow an arm or leg within a month. The tail will often take around two months. 

Elome are omnivores with a preference for fruit and live food (Think 500 lb Iguana). Though they are able to eat cooked meat they don't like as much "its a texture thing". Elome are very aware that their eating habits do cause humans distress and will go out of their way to make sure to not eat in front of them. 


The Elome love learning about other cultures, So much so that it's almost difficult to get them to talk about their own as they will often change the topic with a question. They are not deliberately avoiding the topic but too curious to help themselves. 

Elome are also known to be abnormally patient. It seems to be very difficult to make an Elome angry but once you reach that point stand back as they have been known to become very violent.

Though Elome are from a less technologically advanced planet they have adapted to space-faring life arwith ease. 


Elome Characters in the Star-Fall RPG Podcast 

Gerry: is one of the player characters, Gerry is a bodyguard and a mortician who has made his home on the planet War-zod

Norkek: Norkek is a delivery driver for Jhood Express. He and his buddy talk about humans often in "Norkek and Hedda" 





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