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Ways to get early access to Star-Fall Season Two


Early Access to Star-Fall Season Two 

It has been a long day in the Australian Spring and I have been editing all day in the studio. After many hours of editing with occasional breaks, I have finally uploaded the first episode of Season Two of Star-Fall. Scheduled for public release Nov 1st. But what happens if you want to hear it now? Here are some ways that you can get early access to all the Science fiction comedy goodness!!! 

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We currently only have six backers! We need a lot more. Though our current goal is to have Eight backers by December. Backers get all kinds of cool stuff. Like early access to our podcast episodes. Free copies of Role Vs Roll PDF and for the $20 backers, we even send you gifts in the mail. (Role Vs Roll Cards, Fridge Magnets etc ) This is what helps keep the show running. So please consider becoming a backer. 

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Look we are not going to spam you. but we are going to be sending you all kinds of stuff to your email that nobody else gets to see (Artwork, Episodes etc ). This is also a great way to find out when we have special events 


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We need all the help we can get. If you send a screenshot of a social media post to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will send out a link to the show Oct 15th. I am also always looking for other ways to cross promote. Contact me and let's talk. 


Come chat with us on Discord 

Yes, we have a discord Server. We will be posting links to the download on Oct 15th .. In the meantime hang out with us and talk about whatever you want! 


Looking at 20 year old Gamemaster notes to make an NPC Villain

Finding old NPCs 

Nova the Evil Villain from Star-Fall RPG podcast

So one of the nice things about going through old hard drives is that you get to find some of your old artwork from way back when!  I was digging around looking for images and I came across this one.

Star-Fall Timeline 

I had originally created Star-Fall as a one-shot adventure where Humans first discovered Aliens. The game was such a success I continued the game as campaign. One of the characters was Nova. He was a science robot assigned to the crew that first discovered aliens. At the time Nova was a hero. He was also more of at non-combat type of character. Godlike intelligence but was not interested in combat at all. 

What happens if this robot went insane?  

So this is where I started to apply the "Fall" to the character. We would have a character that would have priceless information and could rebuild an entire civilization with that knowledge. If I left the character alone he would do just that after all, he is a hero.  (more like a sidekick) But now thinking ... ok he is now insane. Maybe his non-combat protocols were removed. Maybe his love for humans was also removed. Now his intelligence would help him be free. except ... he is property. He must serve a human. Smart enough to want to change that but unable to do so. He would have to manipulate the humans around him to get what he wants. without disobeying orders  

So now let's say the Church as him (The church of the illumination see robots as evil demons). Both members of the church and Nova are power hungry. They would both try to use each other. 

So now we have NOVA. He is Smart and ruthless. However, he has to serve the church ..... for now 

Nove after updating the art for Star-Fall Scifi Podcast season two

I wanted to take some time and upgrade Nova's artwork. As you can see the original art was drawn on graph paper. I am still working on the design but I think the rest of the artwork will have to wait until I am done recording Season two of Star-Fall 



Church of the Illumination

The Church of the Illumination is the bad guys of Star-fall.

Sci-Fi Religion Church of the Illumination

They are very expansionistic and seek to take over as many planets as possible. Just like real religions, the faith itself is seldom the problem, but the organizations who run the faith. 

The church was founded when a psychopath found redemption through kindness and the purpose of helping others. This one time killer was spending most of his time becoming a pillar of the community. His journal about his process of becoming a better person was turned into a philosophy and one hundred years later a religion. 

Like in all situations the religion itself is all about Love and bettering oneself to be a better person. However the organisation who governs the religion will often go against the teachings then find a line in the holy text that can be loosely translated to justify their actions. 

The Three orders. 

The church is divided into three orders that answer to the "Grand Prophet". The three orders should have equal power within the church though this is not the case and political fighting between the orders is not uncommon. (Some reports of physical confrontation does exist but all records are removed quickly) 

The Order of the Richous light

Most people mistake this order as the whole of the religion. Its main focus is on the people and their conversion. It forms 80% of the church's infrastructure.  This order is known for its civic duties like feeding the poor and providing police to keep the peace. It's also the main force behind expansion. The ORL also holds most of the fleets and ground forces. ORL is also famed for their use of "Street Preachers" the highly trained special forces used to convert or eliminate threats to a planets conversion 

The Order of the Ancient light 

This is the Historians & educators of the religion. The OAL is dedicated to finding & eradicating pre-crash equipment. (After discovering all their secrets) This order is significantly more advanced than the other orders but is not willing to share their discoveries. This order does have its own "Security forces"  mainly the dreaded "Paladins" an elite power armor unit who's tech is beyond anything even the confederation has. 

The order of the inner light 

Not much is known about this order. What is known about this order is that the past three "Grand Prophets" have all been OIL members. It is mentioned that the order consists of only monks who spend their time in contemplation of the teachings.

The eleventh race

The Church of the Illumination has an Armageddon myth. That is. "When the Eleventh Sentient Species is found they will bring the end of days" It is unknown if the founder of the church as speaking about a specific species (Something he was already aware of) or a premonition of a new species. G'Dar records talk of at least 10 species of sentient beings that have yet to be "Rediscovered" by the Church or the Confederation. (also little detail about the races are known as it was assumed they would still be around to tell their side of the story )

The Church has used this myth to continue their subjection of non-humans.  This has also fueled the churches expansionistic policies into known territories without attempting to explore new systems where intelligent life may exits. The exception to this is the Planet Lome  

NOTE : The Church of the Illumination is not based off any real earth religions.

Star-Fall Glossary

After working on the blog post on Skrup.I have decided that I needed to also create a blog post on all the other words we use in the podcast. In this list, I have included words that have been used but edited out of the show for one reason or another. 


Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast Glossary 

Skrup: See The Word Skrup

Warzodian: Someone from the Planet War-Zod. 

Zap-Nap: A stun pistol

Uber-Skrup-Nasty: Slag given to a heavy pistol that fires barbed needles. This weapon has been banned in all nations 

Star-Fall: The energy that is released from entering or exiting FTL . Also used as the Act of entering or exiting FTL 

Street Preacher: Church of the Illumination special units used to help convert citizens before an invasion. These preachers are dangerous not only because of their extensive training but the fact they are often true believers. This occasionally Backfires when the goals of the Church and the core beliefs of the church are at odds. 

Paladins: The Powered armoured troops used by the order of the Ancient Light. Their armour is far more advanced than anything the confederation has. 

Elome: Sentient Lizard species 

Fractal: A visual image used by G'Dar to expand their mind into a psychic Virtual reality  

Ko-Har-Din: The skill used by the G'dar for psychic abilities similar to how humans use martial arts.  Not religious in nature but often mistaken for one due to the amount of ritual and chanting. 

G'Dar Aliens of Star-Fall Rpg Podcast

G'Dar are like what you would expect if all those 80s Psychic Area 51 stories were real. 

aliens known as G'dar of the Star-Fall RPG podcast  

Appearance & Physiology 

The G'dar are taller but not as robust has humans. They have no hair with bluish-grey skin. Large eyes that have several pupils.  They have almost no nose and tiny mouth. Clothing is mostly robed with complex patterns. 

G'dar Enjoy slightly warmer weather than humans but have no problems existing with "Human standards" for environmental controls. 


G'dar are often quite because most of their language is telepathic.  They find communicating with humans cumbersome. They will at times create a telepathic link with a human to convey complex ideas. However, humans find this process very invasive so G'dar use this process sparingly. G'dar are often thought of as being unemotional. This is very inaccurate because almost all of the means to express emotional states for G'dar is through telepathy. 

G'Dar only have Genders for breeding but do not differentiate the expressions of those genders. They see the use of gender in a conversation as a primitive concept. G'dar use Ze vs He or her.  

Psy Powers 

 All G'dar have telepathic powers. Many of these power comes in the form of "Constructs". These mental exercises range from reading the minds of friends and family to minor telekinetic abilities. Some G'dar have been even known to create simple physical objects of pure telekinetic energy. 

G'Dar have groups referred to as cloisters. These groups are a cross between political groups and gym memberships. A rivalry between these groups as just like the G'dar quiet, subtle and should not be ignored. 

G'Dar in the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast 

Atrium: One of the main Player characters. Lie most G'dar Atrium is quiet most of the time but will often say something very important when everyone needs to hear it 


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