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Starfall Episode Four Campfires and Heated converations

In this episode, the players discover what was walking through the trees. They also start a few heated conversations around the campfire. The tension between the humans and non-humans start to strain. This episode is all about character development. Its going to run a little slow and with a lot of humor. but this is before the Skret hits the fan in episode Five and Six.

  • Introduction 
  • Norkek and Hedda "Catcalling" 
  • Join the Jhoddian Army 
  • Discovery of the Park Ranger 
  • More info about "Turbo Weasles" 



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Ask the Cast of Starfall RPG Podcast

We are always looking for new ways to connect to our fans. I was thinking back to the days of the Wingin IT & Happy Jacks RPG podcast .. where the listeners would write in and the cast would answer questions the best they can. 

So what would happen if we were to open questions about Starfall, The characters, the cast and the GM? now add alcohol!!! 

We, of course, have the right to refuse to answer any question .... Not going to give away spoilers 

Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



The word Skrup!

So if you have been googling the word skrup you must be or should be a fan of the Starfall actual play podcast! 

Ways to properly use Skrup! Use it instead of "Fuck". Unlike "Drek and Frak" that are used in tv and media where they are unable to curse, we have no such restrictions. However, we do like the feel those words gives to the podcast. As new words come up we will be posting them as well. 

Here are some skrupping examples! 

  • Skrup you!
  • Skrup you and the ch-ow* you road in on! 
  • This skrupping sucks! 
  • Skrup a duck (nobody knows what a duck is anymore similar to Chicken Soup : Short Story
  • Skrup can also be used instead of "Shit" though the word "Sqret" perhaps more ummm err proper? 
  • Who that is a person I would like to Skrup! 
  • I got Skrupped over!


*(Ch-ow is a chicken cow hybrid that replaced both species for consumption two hundred years after the fall)

Starfall Episode Three

Episode Three "Mecha, Turbo Weasels & Mama Bear Oh My!

Sorry, it took so long to publish. one of the problems with having a life and being a content producer is that life does tend to get in the way. but we are doing better :) . 

In this episode, we introduce a cohost "Turbo" who will be renamed by the listeners at a later date. The formal introduction during the game was lost due to some technical issues so I decided to make it up to the little guy and make him a co-host. I think the bad decisions on this one had a cascading effect 

  • Intro of Turbo 
  • Norkek and Hedda
  • Ad for Warzodian animal control 
  • Lex Logstride gives the news 
  • The players escape from the city into the dangerous forest/jungle of Warzod 



Norkek and Hedda

Now and then I get a performance for Starfall that is just too good not to share. This is a new segment of Starfall Actual Play Podcast and I think we are going to make more of them. These two are just too much fun to write. 

Norkek and Hedda are two Aliens (Elome and Glippan) who are talking about a human who took Hedda to a strip club. Hedda is obviously confused being that Glippan does not have genders.  Norkek who is an Elome Reptile looks at breeding in a totally different way but has a basic understanding of how humans function and a slightly different perspective of human strip clubs.  

Written By Kevin C Mason 

Performed by Jordan King-Lacroix