So we game masters are notorious for writing things down. Some of really go out of our way to write down every single plot idea. And then we forget about it. Personally, I have all kinds of folders and binders with characters that I will never use again but now and then I go hunting for something and stumble across some IDEA TREASURE. 

For those of you who have been watching my Youtube channel know that I have been running a game called "Starfall" for over 20 years. I keep moving this from the different systems D6, GURPS , Masterbook and now Cypher system. Most of these notes were hand written in sketch books or graph paper. Looking at most of the notes my spelling was so bad that you would think I was writing them in code so my players could not figure out the plot.  

So just the other day I was hunting for an image for a client on one of my back up drives. The Search came up with something that I had forgotten about. My campaign notes from the first time I ran Starfall!!!  I guess at some time in the last 10 years or so I had taken the time to scan all the notes into the computer then forgot about them (moving hemispheres will do that ) 

So now I am looking at these old sketches and some of the plots that I had written back then are starting to come back! My players are either going to love me or hate me. 

So my Question is "How do you keep your notes" & "Have you ever stumbled across some IDEA treasure?"

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