It's one of those questions of "Who makes the rules for the rule makers". 

We game masters have unlimited power. We can make it rain. We can make in train indoors. We can make it rain cats. Or pelt the characters with falling flaming cows from the sky. Not one player can stop us except for leaving the table. The problem is that where the players are fighting vs the mechanics in order to achieve some goal or level up. The game master is playing a MetaGame. A game within a game. The problem is that I have seen very few source books or RPG systems even mention this game. 

Making sure the players have fun 

Yep, the Goal for Gamemasters is really that simple. The players should always be having fun. The mechanics, the plot, the storyline and even the world that was built is secondary to this goal. Far too often Gamemasters see the mechanics, the Plot, and the storyline as the goal of the game but they are really only the tools to achieve the goal. 

So as a Gamemaster how to you archive this goal? 

  1. Having a clear idea that the GM is not the star of the show.
  2. Never "Railroad your player" 
  3. Never look at get game as "GM vs Players" 
  4. Never think "I need to punish my players" 
  5. Always think about what would make a fun plot. 
  6. Find new ways to get feedback from your players 

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