What kind of Gamemaster are you? This is important if you ever plan to improve as a GM. Or maybe you have had a few players mysteriously not have time for the next game. This could because you are an extreme of one of the three kinds of Game masters. 

In this video, we talk about the three kinds and the pros and cons of each. 

  • Rules Lawyer 
  • The Storyteller 
  • The "Is everyone having fun?" GM 


The Rules lawyer:

 Where the rules must be obeyed. For the most part, these GMs can be fair and fun but there is a high amount of authoritarian GameMasters out there that focus so much on the rules that they really forget about the story or the players having fun.  This group also gets the angriest when their power as a Gamemaster is threatened.  I have noted more than a few trolls in this category.  

The Postive side of this style of gamemastering is that the players, for the most part, are not spending a lot of time looking in rules because the Gamemaster already knows the rules by heart or can quickly come up with a rule that is fair for everyone. This kind of GM is also great for rules-heavy systems. systems like Shadowrun or where the combats are very detailed or have a lot of rules. 

The Second Kind is the Story Driven GM. 

This Gamemaster is often focused on the story. I have found that most of the time I fall under this category of gamemaster.r.  This becomes a issue when the GM forgets that the players may also have a story they would like to tell. These GMs can often Railroad the players to fit His/Her concept of-of the plot line 

The Advantage is the AMAZINGs stories they tell. I often enjoy a story driven GM because some of them are so good that I do not care that I am being Railroaded. 

The last is the Host GM.

The GM who wants to make everyone happy. This kind of GM sounds like a lot of fun for the most part till it comes time to make the difficult calls. Also, the power creep of the players is often too steep for the GM to accurately maintain decent challenges. 

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