Star-Fall Bloopers show


Podcasting you make a lot of mistakes.

There are also times where the players go off track. So I have to edit this. Here are just a few of the gems that I have been able to save. I do warn you. The content in this episode is NSFW.. even more so than our regular show.

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Star-Fall Episode Five


In this episode, I would like to start by thanking our new Pateron backer Leslie!! Thank you so much. 

We left the players in the forest of War-Zod where the predators are very large. They were lucky to have a friendly park ranger keep them safe overnight (The GM was not ready for them to fight these monsters YET). From here they need to figure out how to leave the planet and escape the Church of the Illumination. 

  • Short story about hunting pirates in an asteroid belt 
  • The Players get a parting gift from the Park Ranger 
  • Sneaking into the Starport city
  • Getting supplies from low places.
  • Gunfight in the hanger bay to get more info about Star-Fall 

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New Animated Norkek and Hedda

I always wanted to get into animation. Lucky for me Imp was kind enough to get me a new art tablet for Xmas and along with it cam software for animation. This is making me very very happy! 

Norkek and Hedda are two aliens that let just say are a cross between pinky and the brain and pulp fiction conversations.  The two aliens like to talk about humans (most of the time human mating habits). They will always seem to get the information wrong in a way that will make the viewer think. 

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Star-Fall Glossary terms of the post fall

Language Evolves. There is a reason why some of the phrases your grandparents used does not seem to make sense to you. Words phrases change over time. I'm told that we would not understand English at all if it was spoken to us by someone 500 years ago. In Star-fall I have figured that this process would have slowed down a little bit due to media. 

I also love Sci-Fi where they are using words that are unique to that "Universe" it gives it an immersive feel. Here is the growing list of words used in Star-fall. They will be listed in the order that we use them (For now). As the podcast moves along we will add more. So visit this page often. 

  • Warmedian: Someone from Warmed 
  • Star-Fall: The energy released when entering or exiting faster than light travel.
  • Warzodian : Someone from the planet Warzod 
  • Octopod: A Member of the Octopod species. The Octopod species was uplifted from the Octopi from earth. (Not something to mention to them as its highly offensive) 
  • Skrup: This is the equivalent to "Fuck" 
  • Skrdonk : Manparts 


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Moving the studio into the house

What was perfect was not so perfect for Starfall 

So many of you who have been following the Youtube Channel know that I have a dedicated studio for the creation of all things geek. But there is one problem. We live in Australia. This means that there is often rain and a lot of heat. Currently, in the studio, it's around 36 Degrees Celsius (96. F). That would not be so back except that when I go to record there is a serious fan noise. The same goes when there is heavy rain.

Yah the dog who will often reply to the dogs in the neighborhood. does tend to cause some audio problems. This has added a lot of time to the amount of editing to my projects. Starfall has been very time to intensive. 

Mozzies .. Yep not everything in Australia wants to kill you. Some of the critters want you to be a walking snack tray. We have been able to keep them at bay for game night but spending 8 hours out there every night to edit Starfall is making the mozzie repellant an expense. 

Lastly, I like to work odd hours and some of those hours are times when the family is doing other things in the house. Going out to the studio is a bit isolating. 

We moved my computer to the front room

Such a simple solution. Moving the studio to the front room is not a perfect solution but its the one we have at the moment. What I do like is that it's 6:00 Am at the moment and I'm able to get right to work without having to put on smelly mozzie repellant (does not mix well with coffee by the way) 

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Star-Fall RPG Animation

Lifelong goal unlocked ... Create a cartoon.

Where some kids wanted to bt astronaut I wanted to create cartoons. It's something that has always been with me. Though the rest of the world kept telling me that I could not do such a thing and that I should get a real job. Well with this video I'm telling them SKRUP YOU! I'm going to do it anyway.

The video is only a test because I have larger plans and episode five of Starfall RPG to edit and publish. So First things first publish the Podcast then play with the animation. 

The Alien in the video is Atrium a G'dar in the party who like most G'dar is very quiet but will often say just the right thing. The Player "B" has totally embraced this and will often "Snipe" with hilarious comments while the other Starfall cast members are cracking jokes. She is a total joy to have at the table. 

As for the Animation audio. it just happened to be one of the bumpers we use on the podcast to warn people that we are not the most "Clean" Podcast. I chose it because it had "B's" Voice and it was very short. 

I'm working on a secret project that only the cast and the Pateron Backes will know about. 


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When your old Star-Fall NPC is obviously from 20 years ago


I have been running Starfall for over twenty years. As you may know, I have used many systems to run the game. Lately, I have discovered some of my old notes that I scanned into the computer before throwing them away (Yes I threw them away) and moved to Australia. Part of this is nostalgic. Discovering the long-forgotten NPCs, Equipment, and backstories. Another part is a measurement of how far I have grown as a gamemaster and Storyteller over the years.

Some of my NPCs at the time were just a pile of stats just to give the players something to shoot at. Some were more complex friends with overly winded backstories. Part of the problem of going through all these notes is that my note taking skills back then were also very limited. 

Looking at the notes I started to think what would happen if I put these NPCs into the current Starfall RPG campaign. Would the NPCs have enough depth of character to be interesting? 

The answer is YES.. if I flesh them out more. After all, I am running a story with rules, not a tactical simulation. (Though we are talking about tabletop tactics at some point)  

Example: NOVA-R71E


So most of you already know by reading the short story Chicken Soup almost all the robots and AI are totally insane and very powerful in comparison to the tech used by the players. Nova in my first campaign was a hero. He was a robot assigned to assist earth scientists going through a wormhole. His (Yes the robot is a he ... as in its brain patterns were originally copied from a human male ) was a Non-combat science assistant database. The personality was more of a British Buttler. He also was the ship's psychologist. 


So looking at this NPC .. I started to ask some questions. 

-What would happen if he survived the Fall? 

-How would his insanity take form? 

-How can I make this a badass villain? 

-What would the motivations an insane robot have? 


The Answer is ... The Church! 

Many of you know that the church of the illumination is the bad guys in this world. They feel that old tech is the source of all the evil. However, they are also consumed by acquiring power over the universe. What would happen if they discovered one of these working Robots who had all of the earth understanding of how the human brain works. What would happen if he could offer people of power almost godlike tech in exchange for favors? 

We have a Deamon in charge of one of the orders of the church. NOVA-R71E has worked his way through the ranks of the church and is now the leader of the order of the ancient light (The Research division of the church ) He was the creator if the Paladin power armor (more like remembered how to build them) and is obsessed with acquiring old tech. 

Motivations? Why would he do this? 

To find a way to update his firmware! Thinking that this AI is insane he would have found a way to remove his "Non-combat" Programming but would still have bits in his firmware that forces him to obey a superior  (In this case the grand profit). So now we have a very powerful robot who has been performing upgrades to itself but is required to obey regardless if he likes it or not. 

Powers and abilities 

Like all Villans there needs to be a reason to fear this NPC .. otherwise, its own organization who considers him pure evil (not fall off the mark) would have destroyed him. From a Gamemaster standpoint, the Players should never meet him. The reason for this is that you do not want this NPC to be killed accidentally or cause a TPK (Total Party KILL) because the players did not listen to the advice "Are you sure". As any experienced Gamemaster will tell you .. giving stats to a big bad is a bad idea just don't. 

-Force fields. This alone would be enough for the world of Starfall to think he was a God .. or a Deamon.  

-Godlike intelligence having the power to outsmart a G'dar would give anyone an advantage 

-Immortal he is older than the previous empire there has got to be some amazing knowledge there somewhere.  

-Pre-Fall weapons. Now here is where things get scary. Think about what kind of weapons he would have built into his pinky. 

-The Backing of the Grand Profit 

-The Reputation of being a demon. This is extra powerful. I have seen real-life people terrified of someone just because they hear a roomer that they were a devil worshiper. And there is very good evidence to prove the devil does not exist. What would happen if the demons were real (or in this case made by humans) and he actually was one? oooooh scary 


What would the disadvantages be?  

 One of the things I hate about fiction is that it's too easy to make a supervillain exactly that "super". Having no flaws, nothing beyond having some kickass stats. So how do I fix this? 

-He has to work within the laws of the Church. This is a big one. a Robot must have rules. 

-- Cannot harm a true believer except in self-defense. 

-Must obey commands from the Grand Profit 

-Has memory flashbacks of his service of humankind. This would be fun to write into stories where NOVA forgets that he is not trying to rise to power. This might have moments of compassion. Or maybe he forgets that he is not still on the exploration craft from earth.

-He is hated by his peers. Have you ever worked in an office where your peer is causing problems for you? I'm thinking this is going to be a big one. I am already thinking that Targon wells from Starfall Episode one would hate him deeply. 

 -He would be obsessed with tech over political or strategic advantage. This is not necessarily a disadvantage as when you live forever sometimes you are willing to have some of your short-term goals put on the back burner for some time. This might look like a tactical retreat for no reason. 

-Batshit crazy  I'm not talking about the Joker or a chaos kind of way (that is done to death in RPGs and comics) but the kind of crazy that is a little more subtle. like talking to himself in another language. Or perhaps making orders that make absolutely no sense but not in a comedic way. Something that would make the peers uneasy around him and want him removed but not enough to actually do anything about it. (I have a real life coworker like that) 

 Time To update the artwork 

As you can see from my artwork from 1993 it was done with pencil on graph paper (Arnt all good RPGs start that way)  I have grown as an artist and so has my tool. So after I publish Episode 6 I'm going to start working on updating the art using some drawing programs. Also this artwork was done when he was a hero ... what would the Villan look like? 

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Ask the Cast of Star-Fall RPG Podcast

We are always looking for new ways to connect to our fans. I was thinking back to the days of the Wingin IT & Happy Jacks RPG podcast .. where the listeners would write in and the cast would answer questions the best they can. 

So what would happen if we were to open questions about Starfall, The characters, the cast and the GM? now add alcohol!!! 

We, of course, have the right to refuse to answer any question .... Not going to give away spoilers 

Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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Star-Fall Episode Four Campfires and Heated converations

In this episode, the players discover what was walking through the trees. They also start a few heated conversations around the campfire. The tension between the humans and non-humans start to strain. This episode is all about character development. Its going to run a little slow and with a lot of humor. but this is before the Skret hits the fan in episode Five and Six.

  • Introduction 
  • Norkek and Hedda "Catcalling" 
  • Join the Jhoddian Army 
  • Discovery of the Park Ranger 
  • More info about "Turbo Weasles" 



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Starfall Episode Three

Episode Three "Mecha, Turbo Weasels & Mama Bear Oh My!

Sorry, it took so long to publish. one of the problems with having a life and being a content producer is that life does tend to get in the way. but we are doing better :) . 

In this episode, we introduce a cohost "Turbo" who will be renamed by the listeners at a later date. The formal introduction during the game was lost due to some technical issues so I decided to make it up to the little guy and make him a co-host. I think the bad decisions on this one had a cascading effect 

  • Intro of Turbo 
  • Norkek and Hedda
  • Ad for Warzodian animal control 
  • Lex Logstride gives the news 
  • The players escape from the city into the dangerous forest/jungle of Warzod 



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