Auditions for RPG actual play podcast "Starfall"

I have been working on Startfall for some time (Almost 20 years) and its time to let it out of its bag. Now that we have space and some basic recording equipment we are going to to be recording this game to be published via podcast. Currently, these are non-paid position because well I'm not getting paid either.  The Story takes place 500 years after a galactic empire collapses. The Players will be trying to survive an invasion of a theocracy known as the Children of the Illumination. A once benevolent religion turned dictatorship. This will be both an action-packed game with tides of comedy and dark topics. 



We need to fill the following positions 

  • 2-4 Main characters 
  • 4 Support voices 

Main Characters 

  • Must be in Greater Sydney/ Blue Mountains willing to game in Emu Plains (Western Sydney, past Parramatta, just past Penrith before the Blue Mountains) 
  • Must be able to commit to once a month game night.
  • Acting & personality is more important than RPG experience

Support Voices 

  • Not Limited to Geographic location 
  • Good Reading Voice 
  • Must have access to recorder (Yes even a phone will work) and send large files (Dropbox) 

If you are interested please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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How can you help the show?

So how do you help the show? There are a few ways that you can do this. 

    1. Share our Gamemaster tips Youtube Videos with your players and gamemasters 
    2. Buy a copy of Role Vs Roll  PDF or Physical copy. 
    3. Share  videos on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit 
    4. Become a Patron

Become a Patron!


So looking at what the site is costing me and the fact I am desperately in need of some computer equipment upgrades I have s

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Fighter Week "How to Roleplay a fighter" Video

Wow, what a week! 

I have been working on this video for some time. It took me about a week to gather everything that I wanted to put into this video. It Does not matter if you are playing a D&D fighter, Pathfinder warrior, or a Numenera Glaive. This video is for you.

Fighters are almost always "Under Roleplayed" not because they are a boring class to play but because it's so easy to get caught up in the stats and forget that there is a personality behind the numbers. So this video talks about 

  • Is your fighter a legend? 
  • Does your warrior have a code of honor? 
  • Are you playing the fighter correctly because you did not take a powerful feat 
  • How to make your Fighter's fights more exciting
  • Comments from the Twittersphere

No as always if you are playing your fighter like an accountant crunching stats to make sure that every swing of the sword has the optimum chance to do damage there is nothing wrong with that. However, numbers are easily forgotten. This video talks more about finding reasons for your character to fight. 



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RPG Fighter Week

So what is "Fighter Week"? 

It's a whole week where we talk about playing a fighter in RPGs. Yep, that is right. The simplest of all character classes get an entire week of Role playing tips  

  • All my twitter posts are on the topic of Fighters #rvrFighters 
  • My Pinterest activity all week has been about fighters 
  • This week's Youtube video is going to be about how to Role-play a fighter. 

If you have some tips on how to Roleplay a fighter Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  I'm looking for Video Tips, Twitter Posts, Blog Posts etc! 


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How to use questions to invest your players

Something that I have found very effective when it comes to getting more player investment in my campaigns is to allow some creative control with some of the characters Items. One of the ways that I do this is by asking all sorts of questions about the items and weapons they are carrying. It does not change the stats of the weapon but will add value to the game as a whole. This video shows you how to do it. I have also created a free PDF that has a simple table you can use.  

I also read Viewer questions. 


Free Free PDF Gamemaster Tool Questions to ask players

A simple list of questions you can ask your players to get them to think more about their characters and to get them more invested in the campaign. 




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RPG questions answered .... or at least made a topic.


So the Youtube Channel has been going better than I had expected. So I think it's about time to get some more viewer interaction. 

So I have started a new segment for the Video podcast where I try to answer RPG based questions from both the player and the GM side of the coin. I am also going to make this more of an interactive process because I do not claim to be an expert. I just know where I have made similar mistakes. 

Here is how it works... Send your questions via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will answer them on the show. I will also ask if there is a question where you have an answer to submit that too!  

So to get things started I need you folks to ask a few questions. 

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Does your Character Have a Job?

So I have not posted a Youtube video for some time mainly because I had a good friend of mine pass away. I was not able to get myself into the required headspace to record video. But now I am back. So Sorry for the short part in the front where I am telling you why I have been gone.

The rest of the video talks about character obligations. Be that work, family or friends. 


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Finding old Gamemaster Notes from 20 years ago

So we game masters are notorious for writing things down. Some of really go out of our way to write down every single plot idea. And then we forget about it. Personally, I have all kinds of folders and binders with characters that I will never use again but now and then I go hunting for something and stumble across some IDEA TREASURE. 

For those of you who have been watching my Youtube channel know that I have been running a game called "Starfall" for over 20 years. I keep moving this from the different systems D6, GURPS , Masterbook and now Cypher system. Most of these notes were hand written in sketch books or graph paper. Looking at most of the notes my spelling was so bad that you would think I was writing them in code so my players could not figure out the plot.  

So just the other day I was hunting for an image for a client on one of my back up drives. The Search came up with something that I had forgotten about. My campaign notes from the first time I ran Starfall!!!  I guess at some time in the last 10 years or so I had taken the time to scan all the notes into the computer then forgot about them (moving hemispheres will do that ) 

So now I am looking at these old sketches and some of the plots that I had written back then are starting to come back! My players are either going to love me or hate me. 

So my Question is "How do you keep your notes" & "Have you ever stumbled across some IDEA treasure?"

let me know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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Does the GM have to know all the rules ?

Does the GM have to know all the rules of a game system? 


That is right. You don't have to know all the rules. Trust me when I say that your players would rather play with a GM who does not know all the rules than Wait a few months for a GM to memorize every spell, sub game system (Like Shadowrun Deckers). Players are more forgiving than you think when it comes to rules as long as the GM is fair when it comes to rulings.

Here are a few tricks to learning a new game system. 

Get to know the core mechanic by heart. 

Getting to know the core mechanic of a system is very important. As a GM if you can get this one part down everything else is simple. If nothing else knowing the core rules will allow you to make decisions on how a player should resolve casting a spell or how to jump over that Ork that came out of nowhere. Basically, the Core rules fill in the gaps that the combat, Magic & Hacking rule sets do not cover. In most game systems if you know the core rules you already know 70% of the combat system. 

Make notes 

You can't know it all. We are not computers. So take notes. That is what your GM screen is for. Make notes for those complex systems that you always forget. Write down the target numbers needed to make that saving throw vs poison. 

Set expectations 

So just the other day I ran Numenera for the first time. I was very clear with my players that I had not run the game before and that I did not know the rules. Setting the expectations with the players does two things. First, it lets the players know that you are going to make mistakes and they are going to have to be ok with it. Second, it makes it ok in your mind to not be perfect. It's ok to make mistakes 

Make Rulings vs looking everything up. 

The Game must go on. Avoid looking up the rules during the game. So if something new comes up make a ruling based on what makes the most sense vs hunting 20 min for the exact rule (that may or may not exist). when you make a ruling on a rule that you are unsure of it's important to let the players know "I'm making this ruling one time because I want to keep the game going. we can look up the exact rules after the game for the next time this comes up". I have rarely had a player protest this (Rules lawyers are an exception because they always argue the rules) 


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Free Spellbook PDF for your players.

So one of the things that drives me nuts as a GM is having the mage player always trying to borrow the core rule book to look up the stats for their spells. Like I am going to tell them no they can not look up a rule. However, it is disruptive to the game as they are often wanting to look at all the pages that I have book marked. 

So what I have made is a cool hangout where you can print out the player's spells. No more flipping through my book in the middle of the game! 

This PDF is a free handout. Download it now. 

Free PDF spell book handout for your Mage characters

This is a simple (And Free) handout to give to your mage characters/players. The idea is that if they are using this to record their spells they are not spending time disrupting the game to look up the spell information. and it looks cool 




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